Mortar Simulator

InVeris Training Solutions offers three realistic, tethered Mortar Simulators, easily integrated into the fats®100MIL small arms training system

Providing accurate training for mortar crews, InVeris’ mortar simulators require mortarmen to replicate the call for fire exactly as they would in the field.

These mortar simulators include:

  • M224A1 – 60MM Mortar Simulator
  • M252 – 81MM Mortar Simulator
  • M120 – 120mm Mortar Simulator

Each mortar includes one (1) each of High Explosive (HE), White Phosphorous (WP) and Illumination (ILLUM) simulated rounds, and uses customer bipods that have been modified for use on the system.

InVeris’ mortar simulators do not require a direct line of sight with the SAT projection screen in indirect fire mode. However, mortar simulators need to be positioned within the maximum length of the weapon trunkline. The mortar base is firmly mounted in a dedicated customer-furnished mortar firing platform (i.e. sensors mounted beneath the base for determining deflection and elevation of the tube and for detecting round type, charge/fuze settings when the round is dropped into the tube).

In order to further enhance training value and gunnery skills, a Forward Observer (FO) or squad commander will view the small arms training scenario to make calls for fire and adjustments of fire based on target location and location of round impact. A crew member will perform the Fire Direction Center (FDC) function and can use any methodology of plotting. In accordance with firing commands, trainees can set proper mortar deflection and elevation, select an appropriate round type, set charge rings, set the fuze position, and fire the mortar.

Simulated mortar rounds include appropriate fuses with fuse settings to include safety pins as appropriate, and a cutout at the bottom of the tube supports trainee removal of the round after firing.

The mortar simulators provide sufficient recoil to disturb the operator’s sight, requiring the trainee to achieve a proper alignment again. In addition, the mortar realistically simulates weapon ballistics for each mortar simulator and round type, with scaled aiming posts provided.

To provide follow up results for credible training, InVeris’ after action review includes deflection, elevation and round details for every round fired and visual representation on where rounds landed. Other optional features include:

  • Binoculars – Optional binoculars can be provided for use by the Forward Observer (FO) during mortar training. These optional binoculars have been optimized for the firing line distance of the SAT and include reticle patterns (either Commonwealth or US versions).

InVeris Training Solutions’ mortar simulators can be easily integrated into the fats®100MIL system, are scalable and provide additional preparation and valuable instruction for combat readiness.

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