Ballistic Baffles & Guards

Since 1926, InVeris Training Solutions has been the industry leader in shooting range innovation, design, installation and equipment.

This experience shows the most critical areas of misdirected shots to compromise a shooters safety is typically the area between the firing line to twelve feet downrange.

To reduce the shooter’s risk of injury, InVeris’ Air-Space Ceiling System is comprised of mixed layered panels strategically engineered to contain a misdirected round via the wood facing, containing them within the air space chamber after striking the steel backing plate. This prevents the bullet from exiting the panel or returning to the open range area.

The air-space panels are suspended horizontally from the ceiling structure starting at the firing line and extending downrange the distance desired—specific to the customer’s range design. After installation, acoustical material may be applied to the panel surfaces to assist in noise reduction. InVeris offers a variety of range containment and redirective panels in various sizes and thicknesses (pistol through rifle rated), pending the specific range design needs.

Air-Space Baffle, Model JA4

  • The ceiling, lights, ducts, pipes and range equipment are protected downrange by a series of angled airspace baffles.
  • Suspended from the ceiling at prescribed angles to the floor, intervals are determined by ceiling height, range length and shooting activity.
  • To complement the InVeris Training Solutions’ drawing package, load weight computations and suggested baffle placements are provided.

Rubber Air-Space Guard, Model JA8.

  • The rubber air-space guard is typically utilized for the furthest downrange panels nearest the rubber bullet trap.
  • The panels are suspended vertically from the ceiling structure at a prescribed angle.
  • Steel Redirective Guard, Model JR5
  • The redirective “bare steel” guards are typically utilized for the furthest downrange panels nearest the rubber bullet trap.
  • The guard shelters the ceiling area and redirects rounds toward the bullet trap. Panels do not utilize any facing/acoustic materials.

Steel Light Cove Guard, Model JR7

  • The “bare steel” light cove guards are typically utilized for ranges that have a smooth/flush concrete ceiling structure.
  • The light cove guard protects the light fixtures, pipes, columns, and other ceiling obstructions. Panels do not utilize any facing/acoustic materials.

All standard panels are available in 10-gauge, 3/16” AR 225, ¼” AR 500, 3/8” AR 500, and ½” AR 500.