QuikTurn™ 90 Turning Target System

The QuikTurn™ 90 allows for comprehensive live fire training to prepare users for unpredictable situations

The QuikTurn™ 90 Turning Target System provides a host of valuable features

QuikTurn™ 90 Features

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor ranges, the targets are secured to a concrete pad or suitable foundation and may be sheltered by a berm or other ballistic guard.
  • Targets expose, conceal and cycle with pre-course delay times set in one second increments from zero to 999 seconds. The course may be programmed to repeat up to 999 times.
  • The RangeMaster™ 9K loads a preset training course from the internal memory, displaying current course settings.
  • A wireless RangeMaster™ 10K tablet provides operator prompts to assist in each programming step, and targets may be exposed and concealed manually from the tablet when no course is running.
  • Systems available with up to 10 or 26 target stands per drive unit.
  • Target stands are available with a variety of target frames, depending on the type of targets utilized.