SafeZone™ Shooting Stalls

InVeris Training Solutions has been the industry leader in shooting range innovation, design, installation and equipment for over 90 years

SafeZone™ fully interchangeable shooting stalls offer the customization to create clear stalls, solid stalls, or a mixture of both. Completely reconfigurable and backward compatible, the new shooting stalls can be set up in the same location as your existing stalls.

Standard Stalls

The SafeZone™ stalls are pistol and/or rifle rated and are available with a black frame, solid black dividing panel, and a brass casing shield to prevent spent casings from going into adjacent lanes. A swing down shooter’s shelf features a resilient surface, raised edges to prevent accidental drop off, and a recessed tray area containing all weapons, ammunition and other range equipment within the confines of the stall. The acoustical blast shield extends to further shelter adjacent shooters, while a site light illuminates the stall interior.

Stall Options

The SafeZone™ shooting stalls offer a high level of flexibility between lanes. Solid panels come in an array of optional colors (black, white, red or gray) and frames (black and grey) and may be customized with your logo for further personalization. With solid panels, the user is afforded a contained lane experience with greater privacy and less exposure and distraction from external situations.

Using the clear panels, shooters experience enhanced visibility between lanes, enabling a more comprehensive environmental view. The clear glass panels are rifle and pistol rated, and feature glass edge lighting to illuminate the optional company logo or shooter’s shelf, available with multicolor LED and a control on the upper rear edge to avoid user adjustment. Deeper than previous stalls (measuring 48” deep), SafeZone™ stalls can include wing and full gate barricades for enhanced tactical training.

Users may want to include an Aiphone® audio or visual communication system for full stall contact and interaction with the master control. A red/blue light option allows realistic law enforcement training, while the stall’s side shelf with accessory hooks provides additional storage for bulky or cumbersome items.

Create your own unique statement with the InVeris SafeZone™ shooting stall. Personalizing your range, while keeping your shooters safe, has never been so attractive.

SafeZone™ Standard Features

  • Black pistol or rifle frame
  • Black solid panels have UL752 standard level 3 pistol or level 8 rifle comparable design**
  • Site light
  • Brass shield
  • Shooter’s shelf
  • Rifle rated stall with blast shield

SafeZone™ Optional Features

  • Aiphone® audio and visual communication systems
  • Side shelf with accessory hooks
  • Multi-color, glass edge lighting
  • Red/blue light for law enforcement training
  • Your logo or organization name on solid or glass panels
  • Wing or full gate barricade for tactical training
  • Stall frame offered in black or gray
  • Solid panels in a variety of colors, including red, black, gray, white
  • Glass panels – rifle rated
    • EN1063 standard BR6(S) – rifle
    • UL752 standard level 8 – rifle
  • Glass panels – pistol rated
    • EN1063 standard BR4(S) – pistol
    • UL752 level 3 standard – pistol

Stall Panel Ballistic Ratings

Panel Composition General Rating Maximum Velocity (typ.) Maximum Energy (typ.) Compliance Rating
Transparent Pistol 1485 fps 1175 ft-lbs UL752 Level 3
Rifle* 3025 fps 3048 ft-lbs UL752 Level 8
Pistol 1476 fps 1175 ft-lbs EN1063 BR4(S)
Rifle* 2756 fps 3048 ft-lbs EN1063 BR6(S)
Solid Pistol 1485 fps 1175 ft-lbs UL752 Level 3**
Rifle* 3025 fps 3048 ft-lbs UL752 Level 8**
* Not rated for armor piercing or atypical ammunition.
** Design of solid panels has been independently tested to equivalent standards. Components are purchased consistent with design, but not certified.

Typical Ammunition Specifications

Typical Pistol Ammunition Typical Rifle Ammunition
Type Ammunition Max Velocity Type Ammunition Max Velocity
.22LR 40gr HP 1060 fps .22LR 40gr HP 1260 fps
9mm Luger 124gr FMJ 1120 fps 5.56x45mm NATO 55gr FMJ 3300 fps
.357 Mag 158gr JSP 1240 fps 7.62x51mm NATO 150gr FMJ 2800 fps
.40 S&W 180gr TMJ 990 fps .308 Win 150gr SPTZ 2900 fps
.45 ACP 230gr TMJ 850 fps .30-06 180gr SPTZ 2900 fps</td<
.44 Mag 240gr SWC 1400 fps 300 Win Mag 190gr BTHP 2900 fps
Ammunition identified above represent typical round type performance (for example only).