XWT-Lite Wireless Target Carrier

InVeris Training Solutions offers the Lite Next Generation Wireless Target System (XWT-Lite).

The XWT-Lite is for the range owners that want all the advantages of the industry’s most robust and reliable target carrier but don’t require the turning target head.

InVeris’ XWT-Lite provides a host of advantages over other
carriers on the market:

  • Easily programmable through a wireless controller, allowing uncomplicated intuitive screen operation
  • Targets are locally controlled using the Lane Controller (LC) or from a control room area using the Primary Master Control Computer
  • Programmable maneuvers and scenarios for skill set development and effective training
  • Speed control options provide “Advance / Retreat” training exercises
  • Basic and advanced user interfaces support the operator’s preferred courses of fire, whether basic qualifications or more advanced reactive and decision making shooting exercises
  • Moves along a rail system, powered by an internal direct drive motor system, with anti-static wheels for quieter, smoother operation
  • Unique closed track design provides smooth target transportation
  • Does not collect lead fragments, casings and other debris
  • No drive cables or pulleys to break or replace
  • No bulky and noisy drive motors above the shooters head
  • No track mounted power feed rails or wires to be impacted and damaged
  • Less susceptible to debris in tracks, and reduced need to clean or interfere with target operation
  • Includes 3/8” AR500 Front Armor Plate Prow
  • Compliant with CE/EN directives for EMI/EMC
  • Lithium Ion battery
  • Programmable distraction lighting with Red, Blue, and White LED target lighting
  • Over the top wheel coverage for added protection from spall and brass

The lane controller has been simplified for easier use and has been optimized for use with a commercially available tablet.

The XWT is the industry’s first wireless, 360º turning target retrieval system that continues to be the industry’s most reliable and robust target carrier through 5 generations. InVeris is now offering all of these industry leading features without the 360º turning for ranges that don’t need this added complexity.

The XWT-Lite is the next level of innovative range products available from InVeris Training Solutions. The quiet, smooth, low maintenance wireless carrier is easily operated and programmable, essential for successful training and usability.