Gun Range Maintenance

InVeris provides top-notch and reliable range and professional services with unmatched expertise.

With a 95+ year indoor range product pedigree, no company has more experience as the leader and innovator – from wireless rotating target carriers to range control systems to bullet traps.

Just as “practice makes perfect,” regular system maintenance:

  • Maximizes the lifetime and value of your investment
  • Minimizes unplanned downtime
  • Helps ensure the safety & health of shooters / customers and staff to meet OSHA and EPA regulations

Who better than InVeris Training Solutions to provide these important services?

System Maintenance – Including lane track / carrier adjustments, lubrication and repair

Specific Tasks Performed by the InVeris Training Solutions Services Team as part of System Maintenance Service:


  • Test all valves and pistons. Adjust target speed. Replace valves and pistons as needed.
  • Grease all actuator bushings. Replace as needed.
  • Inspect and secure terminal screws and other electrical connections.
  • Inspect and secure air connections. Replace as needed.
  • Inspect and test functionality of indoor range target retrievers including keypads and computer.
  • Verify all cable tensions and adjust as necessary.
  • Cycle and adjust tension on running targets.
  • Provide general inspection of all targets to diagnose any potential problems.
  • Vacuum Top of Target Track.
  • Check Target Holders.
  • Check Carriers.
  • Battery, Battery Contacts.
  • Wiring Harness/Connector Checks.
  • PCBs and Encoders.
  • Tighten nuts and bolts.

Electrical Systems

  • Test voltage levels at the power supply and target locations.
  • Test functionality of each interface component.

Tower / Control Room

  • Test computer, monitor, and printer.
  • Update all software to the latest versions.
  • Run all standard software programs and scenarios to certify as complete.

Compressor & Air Lines

  • Check oil level and air filter. Replace as needed.
  • Drain water condensation buildup.
  • Check functionality: air dryer system.
  • Test entire system for leaks. Repair as needed.
  • Verify correct pressure settings and adjust as necessary.

Range Cleaning – Including ballistic protection inspection, repair/replacement

Specific Tasks Performed by the InVeris Training Solutions Services Team as part of Range Cleaning Service:

General Range Cleaning

  • Regulatory paperwork/streamline the process.
  • HEPA vacuum ventilation vents, shooting range floor and walls (excl bullet traps), ceiling and wall baffles, target retriever tracks, soft surfaces of shooting stall.
  • Maintain and clean your HEPA vacuum change filter as needed.
  • Wet wipe shooting stall hard surfaces.
  • Clean shooting stall glass.
  • Remove, replace, and properly dispose of air filters.
  • Empty trash.
  • Change burnt out lights.
  • Check and fill hopper.
  • Vacuum hallway just outside of range and weapons cleaning area.
  • Clean fan shroud in weapons cleaning area.
  • Clean and wipe down carriers/track/enclosures.

Dust Collection Unit Cleaning

  • Check general functionality of the Dust Collection Unit.
  • Check and service DCU air compressor.
  • Check Photohelic set points and adjust static pressure controls as necessary.
  • Verify and test purge cycle functionality.
  • Check Dust Collection Unit filters. Replace as needed.
  • Drain condensation from manifold if required.

Hardware and System Software Upgrades

Offer new range / target capabilities to enhance your shooters’ skills and keep them coming back more often.

Bundle 2 or 3 services together for special price discounts!

*Lead recovery credits can pay for your service call depending on range size.

Down Range Services – Including lead removal/remediation/recycling*

Specific Tasks Performed by the InVeris Training Solutions Services Team as part of Down Range Service:

Bullet Traps

  • Empty all lead collection canisters.
  • Mine lead from granule rubber trap.
  • Inspect all plates, joint strips, deflectors, and deceleration chambers. Replace as needed.
  • Tighten or replace all loose joints and unions.
  • Additional lead removal and disposal service also available

NOTE: Replacement of bullet trap components may require additional work which will be subject to additional charges beyond scheduled maintenance service

Steel Bullet Traps

  • Gather and dispose of bullet fragments, bullet jacket fragments, and other debris.
  • Replace nuts and bolts
  • HEPA vacuum exposed surfaces and the area behind the trap.
  • Remove lead ingots and other accumulation. (Subject to additional charges)

Rubber Bullet Traps

  • Walk Trap to level.
  • Rake Trap (keep rubber behind red line)
  • Remove rubber from the trap.
  • Separate and dispose of lead and bullet jackets.
  • Place rubber back on the trap.
  • Apply fire retardant

Screw Conveyor System

  • Check general functionality of the Screw Conveyor System.
  • Check hanger bearings for wear and damage. Replace as needed.
  • Check discharge system and collection barrel.
  • Check circuit breakers, thermal overloads, and verify start up procedures.
  • Check gear boxes and hanger bearings for lubrication.

Additional Professional and Advanced Services

Comprehensive Range Design – InVeris offers a complete set of Range Design and Construction Services

Total turnkey solutions:

The one-stop approach for today’s state-of-the-art shooting range

Instructor/Operator Training & Refresher Courses – Delivered by InVeris training experts

Courses can be one to one or group-oriented to ensure when your trainers and staff change, everyone is fully trained on your system’s capabilities for zero-loss in capability or revenue opportunity

EPA & OSHA Compliance Services – Develop and document range best practices and procedures

Specific Tasks Performed by the InVeris Training Solutions Professional and Advanced Services Team as part of EPA & OSHA Compliance Services

Develop and document range best practices and procedures

  • Safe lead handling and hygiene EPA & OSHA rules and regulations.
  • Decontamination and clean-up.
  • Proper disposal of lead and lead contaminated materials.
  • Required equipment, materials, and supplies.
  • Employee blood lead level testing and monitoring.
  • Range Decommissioning & Closure

Closure designs & estimates

  • Removal or decommissioning of HVAC, targeting, or bullet traps
  • Complete shooting range lead abatement
  • Waste treatment/management
  • Demolition of facility

Customer Services & Technical Support

The InVeris factory team understands what it takes to make your operation best in class! Our customer support team is there for you.

Whether you need online phone support, on-site on-demand services or want to schedule services on a regular basis from 1 to 5 years, InVeris field service technicians and trainers will be there to help protect and enhance your investment and make regulatory compliance easier.


All work performed is covered by a 90-day warranty. The warranty length can be extended with 4 scheduled services per year.

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