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See | Rehearse | Collectively Experience

Developed for today’s highly mobile military, security and law enforcement entities, InVeris Training Solutions’ SRCE enables operators and trainees to see, rehearse and collectively experience future missions at the objective location or virtually with a new level of realism and performance assessment to aid in perfecting critical engagement techniques.

Shooting Range Products

LE Live Fire

InVeris’ full line of systems were designed to help trainees respond to realistic threats with calmness and precision. With turnkey solutions, we handle all the details. Maintaining the range long after its commission, our support is unparalleled.

LE Virtual

As the gold standard in law enforcement virtual training, our FATS and VR systems feature AAR and PTT within judgmental and 3D marksmanship training. From scenario authoring, branching scenarios and an extensive library of environments, our virtual products will ready your officers for real world situations

Military Live Fire

From the desert to the mountains to urban shoot houses, InVeris has provided realistic, live-fire training for nearly a century. InVeris range equipment is built to withstand the harshest range conditions and extreme weather environments. Trainees maintain a high level of situational awareness and safety with complete support for both manual and automatic control of the firing range.

Military Virtual

Win in theater anywhere, anytime: InVeris offers small-arms simulation combined with live-fire field and indoor range solutions. As the recognized global leader in military simulation, InVeris offers experience features like AAR and PTT within judgmental, marksmanship and collective-based training. With the largest weapon library in the industry, combined with our patented BlueFire technology, we train like you fight.

Turnkey Solutions and Best-in-Class Equipment

InVeris Training Solutions has a pedigree past, born of our legacy companies.

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Provide Your Officers With Realistic Live-Fire Training Wherever, Whenever
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