Turnkey Range Solutions

The World’s Only Complete Live-Fire Range Solution

For the first time you can trust your military live-fire ranges to one company. From planning and design to installation and maintenance, we are your one-stop range provider.

InVeris Training Solutions, makers of FATS® and Caswell technologies, draws on a 90+ year history and comprehensive knowledge of live-fire ranges to do something that hasn’t been done before: provide an end-to-end range that meets the training needs of the warfighter.

With this all-encompassing service, InVeris professionals will design, equip and provide training for your best-in-class live-fire range on time and within budget, meeting your end user’s requirements.

The advantages of Turnkey Range Solutions include:

  • Brand new ranges constructed in as little as 120 days, start to finish.
  • Current ranges upgraded and retrofitted with the newest advances in realistic targetry, ballistic containment, environmental considerations and more.
  • One contract. One vendor. One point of contact. Regardless of the size and scope of your project, InVeris professionals streamline the process, making it easier and more efficient to complete the project and meet your goals.
  • Knowledge and experience navigating various contract vehicles to streamline the process of complex construction procurements.
  • Indoors or outdoors. Infantry or armor. Whatever your livefire training needs, InVeris has you covered.

Why InVeris’ Turnkey Range Solutions Enhance Today’s Military Training

  1. We handle range facilities so you can focus on training priorities. Your leadership must ready its warfighters for deployments in a dangerous world, often on short notice. With InVeris devoting its ample resources and expertise to designing your range, you can put your undivided attention on the issues of training curriculum and throughput.
  2. For over 90 years, Caswell range equipment has been the proven leader in live-fire technology. Today it sets a gold standard for American bases and many installations throughout the world. We work continuously to improve this top-of-the-line, best-of-breed equipment for all branches of the armed forces.
  3. Our regular upgrades and insertions keep your facility state of the art; as we advance range technology, our customers benefit. Throughout the industry, InVeris is known for proven innovation backed by engineering and technological advances. Our research and development experts look toward the future to make sure you have the latest technological insertions.
  4. Our ranges have staying power. At many US bases, InVeris equipment has been in the field for a decade or longer — and still stands up to the rigors of livefire training range conditions. In fact, some moving armor target systems are entering their thirtieth year of operation. That’s proven durability that can outlast shooting hazards, weather and age.

Our Five Step Process Streamlines Your Range Development

STEP ONE: Rely on our experience to help define your unique requirements.

With 80,000 systems installed on 122 bases around the world, we have extensive knowledge to anticipate diverse needs. Of course, we also recognize missions and threats are constantly evolving. That’s why we make it a priority to listen to you — from senior military and civilian leaders to procurement officers and end-users.

STEP TWO: We design according to your specifications.

No matter your needs – indoor or outdoor, large or small footprint, moving or stationary targets – we will use our expertise to design a customized solution. Our range designers listen to you to determine your range requirements and specific training needs. We will guide you through our entire line of tried and tested military livefire range equipment. And because our systems have an upwardly compatible configuration, you’ll have the ability to incorporate new products and technologies into your range for decades to come.

STEP THREE: Constructing your range, on time and within budget.

InVeris’ full feature design and construction offerings include installation of towers, bleachers, classrooms, ammo points, mess areas, maintenance facilities and restrooms. Our construction and engineering team ensures your project is on time and within budget.

STEP FOUR: Installation and training.

InVeris professionals will install your range control system, infrastructure interface equipment and targetry, and integration of required ancillary devices. We’ll also provide new equipment training to range personnel responsible for the operation and maintenance of the range.

STEP FIVE: Supporting your system, year after year.

InVeris is known for superior customer service with live, around-the-clock support. With experienced technicians strategically located throughout the world, should any aspect of your system require attention, InVeris is there to help.