GranTrap™ Bullet Trap

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InVeris Training Solutions can help determine the GranTrap™ model to best meet your range needs.

GranTrap model variations include:

LE7500 GranTrap and LE7512 GranTrap™

  • Captures up to 3600 ft-lbs of energy, excluding incendiary/tracer type of rounds.
  • Designed with rubber-faced upper vertical replenishment bins to maintain consistent GranTex™ media depths.
  • Incorporates gum rubber covers atop the GranTex media for cleanliness and containment.
  • 12’ ft tall version available for longer distance capabilities.

LE7500-OT GranTrap™

  • 3/8” AR500 armor impact plate provides additional downrange coverage.
  • Extra-large replenishment bins for greater availability of GranTex media.
  • Configured with exposed and uncovered GranTex media.

LE7500-OTR GranTrap™

  • Rubber-faced 3/8” AR500 plate provides additional downrange coverage and safety for tactical applications.
  • Extra-large replenishment bins for greater availability of GranTex media.
  • Incorporates self-healing gum rubber covers atop the GranTex media to ensure trap cleanliness.

LE7500-50 Cal GranTrap™ and LE7512-50 Cal Grantrap™

  • Captures up to 8100 ft-lbs of energy, excluding incendiary/tracer type rounds.
  • Designed to stop limited single fire rounds with up to 13,000 ft-lbs of energy such as 50 BMG with a limited and controlled rate of dispersion and under specific conditions with proper monitoring.
  • Installed to only a 14’ footprint depth for more flexibility with range configuration compared to the 25’-30’ footprint depths required for most high energy steel rifle traps.
  • 12’ ft tall version available for longer distance capabilities.

All GranTraps are available for outdoor applications (OD) and engineered to withstand harsh environmental conditions by using non-corrosive materials. Outdoor versions utilize hot-dipped galvanized steel components and custom designed structural frames which shed water and condensation for long term durability.


Minimizes broken lead particles released at the trap area by capturing rounds intact, averting lead and jacket back splatter. Exhaust air filters last several times longer versus steel traps.


Close range shots and acute angled shots make the GranTrap ideal for tactical training in dynamic ranges.


Due to the porous nature of how the GranTex media gathers and the almost non-existent sound of a round entering the media (versus steel plates), the GranTrap ensures a much quieter firing range.

Rounds captured by the GranTrap are mostly LE7512-OD GranTrap™ intact, allowing for easy removal and recycling.

GranTrap™ Specifications

  • Standard models capable of capturing handgun, shotgun (shot and slug included), and rifle (fully automatic and armor piercing included), jacketed, semi-jacketed and non-jacketed rounds. Includes rounds up to .308 caliber/7.62mm, including M16/.223 caliber/5.56mm rounds with velocities of 900-3600 ft/sec (274-1097 m/sec) and up to 3600 ft-lbs (4880 N-m) of energy, excluding incendiary/tracer type rounds.
  • Patented 10 gauge steel-stepped bed plate construction with a gravity-feed design that allows rubber to remain in place versus migrating downward towards the toe of the trap. This design ensures proper GranTex™ volumes within the primary impact areas for maximum round collection.
  • GranTex media consists of chopped rubber which is predominately free of any cording, threads, fibers, or steel belting pieces.
  • The GranTrap is a self-supporting trap assembled entirely by mechanical fasteners. The overtrap replenishment bin is part of the GranTrap’s frame support assembly and does not require overhead support via chains/cables, bridging or rear wall attachment. No on-the-job cutting or welding is required for assembly.
  • Constructed with rigid tubular steel support stanchions. All part fit thru 36” wide door openings.
  • Incorporates supplemental safety bins which provide additional ballistic protection.
  • 12’6” footprint minimizes building construction cost since no ancillary space is needed behind trap.
  • Designed to capture up to 75,000 rounds per shooting point, with the exception of LE7500-50Cal GranTrap™.
  • Available in standard (9’) and custom (8’ and 12’) heights to meet all range requirements.

Outdoor Model (OD) Specifications

  • All metal support frames are hot-dipped galvanized with all assembly hardware either galvanized or stainless steel.
  • Metal support frames incorporate weep/drainage holes to release rain water and condensation.
  • The 3/8” AR500 upper replenishment bin plates are factory cleaned, coated with an inorganic zinc primer, and painted with a finish of marine multipurpose epoxy paint.
  • The traps sidewall outer sections are constructed of 10 gauge galvanized metal for granulated rubber retainage.


  • Designed as a deeper bullet trap capable of handling muzzle velocities between 900 and 3,600 feet per second (274 to 1097 meters per second), or energy levels to 8,100 foot-pounds and occasional rounds up to 13,000 foot-pounds.
  • The Reclining GranTrap™ LE7500-50Cal is not intended for use by .50cal weapons beyond three-round bursts.

When using high powered rounds, increase monitoring of the GranTex depth levels to ensure that proper material volumes are maintained. Failure to do so could result in damage to the GranTrap™ and/or result in injury or death.

LE7512-OD GranTrap™.