BlueFire® Law Enforcement Weapon Simulators

InVeris Training Solutions originated wireless weapons technology with BlueFire® weapons – smart weapon simulators that look and perform exactly like their live counterpart

The innovative BlueFire® weapons replicate the form, fit and function of live weapons using wireless communications, and provide the same accurate, real-time training diagnostics as tethered weapon simulators.

The user is afforded a broader range of motion as BlueFire® weapons are wireless with no external components. They also provide magazine reloading simulation and realistic weapon recoil, replicating that of a live weapon. To further aid in realistic training conditions, every detail of the weapon has been duplicated, even down to the number of rounds contained in its magazine.

BlueFire® weapons provide the same feedback as tethered weapons, including point-of-aim, weapon status, and cant. The weapons are compatible with other fats® system-controlled weapons simulators and do not require system modifications.

For realistic instruction, weapon simulation and full small arms functionality, InVeris’ BlueFire weapons are the intelligent choice for realistic training.

BlueFire® weapon simulators are available in multiple variants, including:

  • Beretta M9
  • SIG M17/M18
  • SIG P320
  • Glock 17
  • Glock 19
  • CZ P-10 C
  • M4 Semi-Auto
  • Mossberg M500
  • OC Spray
  • Taser X26P