fats® 100P Portable Virtual Training System

Brings portable training to the field

The fats® 100P virtual training system delivers advanced functionality for both instructor and trainee, providing solid weapon handling and shot placement analytics, marksmanship automatic coaching tools and enhanced graphic capabilities for an all-encompassing immersive training platform.

Portable and light, the fats® 100P is a ruggedized hand carry case the size of a large range bag, allowing one person the ease of transportation, set up and operation.

Judgmental Training employs high definition video scenarios to produce dynamic escalation and deescalation or use of force training. This requires the user to survey and react to verbal cues, facial expressions and overall body language to quickly assess a situation and interact with individuals using proper verbal commands and perishable skills training. The scenarios incorporate wholetask training that facilitates the transfer of skills learned during simulation into real-world situations. The fats® 100P allows up to 6 weapon simulators used simultaneously, and comes with 250+ video scenarios and over 1,250 branching options. In conjunction with the scenarios, integrated Video Authoring allows the instructor to create, edit, score, load and run customer videos locally filmed in familiar locations.

During After Action Review (AAR), the instructor and the trainee can analyze the trainee’s actions and discuss proper technique and procedure. Using the feedback, the instructor can identify problematic areas and develop a personalized training plan for each student. Combining feedback with customized training solidifies real world responses and provides the flexibility to change virtual content as training needs evolve.

Innovative 3D Marksmanship graphics provide weapons training in a simulated range environment — from basic skills to advanced proficiency — all the while preparing trainees to qualify on a live fire range using real weapons. Courses support basic and advanced marksmanship training with the instructor selecting a pre-authored course or creating custom courses of fire to meet the current training needs.

In addition to the standard firing ranges, the instructor can create custom drills reaching over 800 meters using the robust 3D target library, providing the most ballistically accurate training on any simulator available to law enforcement.

The fats® 100P offers multiple environments and the ability to fire in both day and night settings. The flashlight option allows the user to turn any daytime course of fire into a low-light course, providing advanced weapons training not easily available on a live fire range.

The 3D Marksmanship software supports display of courses, processing and storage of course data, real-time instructor monitoring of course/weapon feedback data, display of course results, replay of shots, and the ability to store trainee results in the student database. Up to 5 users can train simultaneously, or 1-5 lanes can be used for individualized and customized exercises. Multiple weapons can be assigned to each trainee, allowing advanced training such as malfunction and transition drills in a controlled environment.

The Instructor can control and monitor Marksmanship Training using InVeris’s patented Automatic Coaching, combining weapon sensor and shot results data to highlight trainee errors on the laptop. Errors are immediately displayed, with links to corrective video clips and customer integrated training manuals to demonstrate the proper firing techniques. The fats® 100P engages in the realistic practice of required weapon skills in a safe environment that allows repetitious and customized training.

The system’s Judgmental Training and Marksmanship courses feature video authoring, enhanced UUI, automatic coaching and 360° sound board—all on an easily transportable laptop. The lightweight fats® 100P can support up to 5 weapons, including InVeris BlueFire® weapons, Dvorak or laser insert weapons, Tasers® and chemical spray. Simple for one person to set up and easy to operate, the fats® 100P can be thrown in the back of a squad car and brought to your location. Just pack and go. It’s that easy.

General Capabilities:

  • Integrated Marksmanship Authoring allows creation of customized courses of fire using available terrains and targets
  • Custom scenario playlist
  • Pre-selection of scenario branches
  • Ability to display customer’s own reference documents (Excel, PPT, Word, PDF)
  • Displays the customer’s use of force policy at the start of every judgmental scenario
  • Comprehensive training tools for weapon handling skill improvement
  • Use of force and marksmanship for full spectrum of training
  • High fidelity simulation provides positive training transfer from the simulator to live fire ranges and real engagements
  • Marksmanship Training for up to five (5) trainees simultaneously
  • BlueFire® weapon simulators support training for proper handling and firing of weapons
  • Real-time Instructor Operator Station (IOS) feedback of weapon sensor data and exercise data provides immediate monitoring of trainees’ performance
  • Instructor initiation of weapon malfunctions forces trainees to perform immediate action drills while being engaged in an exercise
  • After Action Review (AAR) with the optional Lookback system provides a picture in picture replay for instructor and students to review actions and discuss results from the exercise
  • Integrated Video Authoring provides customized training in familiar areas, allowing the system to evolve with training requirements

3D Marksmanship Training Features:

  • Photorealistic 3D terrains
  • 3D targets (including “paper” targets)
  • Natural occultation in 3D
  • High-fidelity environmental effects
  • Support of multiple weapons per trainee
  • Forward moving eye point (shoot and move)
  • Perspective correct target rendering for each lane
  • End user ability to create custom courses of fire to mimic qualification courses and drills
  • Upload and display doctrinal documents for trainees to reference
  • Automatic Coaching analyzes shooting results/sensors to highlight potentially poor shooting habits

Judgmental Training Features:

  • Support for 1920 x 1080p HD scenarios
  • Near miss (inclusive of branching)
  • Branch tree displayed on UI – default branches identified
  • Branching feedback – which branches were executed with instructor comments
  • Judgmental UI integrated into UUI
  • Pause on Hit/Shot and Stop on Hit/Shot- configurable for pause time
  • Ability to add a scenario playlist
  • Flashlight functionality

Options available

  • 5.1 Audio
  • Lookback
  • Flashlight
  • Ceiling mount