LE2400 Venetian Blind Bullet Trap

InVeris Training Solutions’ steel bullet traps are our legacy

We developed the first commercially available steel bullet trap in the US and have field-proven designs that include pistol and rifle rated steel escalator and venetian blind traps.

The LE2400 Venetian Blind Bullet Trap is designed for installations where range space is minimal, as it requires only 30 inches of floor space. The trap is constructed of a series of angled baffles that direct incoming rounds into a deceleration chamber where their energy is expended and then directed into collection trays.


  • Designed for use with handgun ammunition up through .44 magnum, 9mm submachine gun, shotgun ammunition including slugs, and .22 caliber rimfire rifle ammunition. Only lead or copper covered lead bullets should be used on a steel trap and armor piercing ammunition is not permitted.
  • Venetian Blind bullet trap consists of five, cantilever supported, ¼-inch AR 500 alloy impact plates.
    • Impact plates are installed at an angle not greater than 35 degrees from the horizontal plane, directing all impacted bullets downward into a deceleration chamber.
    • After deceleration, spent lead particles drop into a large steel collection tray.
    • Impact plates come with bolt-on (1/4” thick alloy) leading edge assemblies to catch and contain backsplatter. The leading edge 1/4” thick AR 500 alloy are ground to a cross-sectional area that dictates long life. Ceiling slope sheets, bullet trap sidewall plates and wall deflector plates are 1/4” hot rolled steel.
  • Bullet trap and ceiling slope sheets are entirely prefabricated with no cutting or welding required. The trap is free standing and ceiling slope sheets are supported from the trap.
  • Impact plates, back plates, leading edges, floor deflector assemblies and the deceleration chamber are abrasion resistant, and alloy plates are AR 500.
  • All bullet trap components receive a prime coat of paint at the factory. No secondary media, such as sand, oil or water is used in conjunction with the bullet trap.