LE5000 Dust Collect System

Bullet Trap Dust Collection System

The LE5000 DCS Dust Collection system captures lead particulates, fragments and dust, reducing the potential exposure to range personnel. The high-power exhaust system maintains a negative pressure in the deceleration chamber and collection area.

The exhaust system also acts as a dust collection system, terminating in multiple stages of filtration with HEPA final, to ensure dust containment and collection. The filter banks are automatically cleaned with a measured air pulse when the pressure drop across the filters reaches a preset level, ensuring long filter life and maximum effectiveness. The system lets the lead particles leave the bullet trap via the supplied sealed container or the final HEPA filters for safe disposal, minimizing dangerous handling.


  • Filters have an expanded capacity due to the patented inner cone of filtration media.
  • The inner cone provides uniform dispersion of back-pulsed air and opens up more useable space for airflow in the dust collector.
  • Multiple filter media options and pleat spacing are available to best suit your specific application and dust.
  • All filter media offerings deliver a minimum of 99.99% separation efficiency down to 0.5 micron by weight.
  • Door, hopper, inlet and panels are all of 10 gauge steel.
  • 10” discharge hoppers – unless otherwise specified.
  • Channel baffles installed in the inlet protect the filters from incoming dust and separates the larger dust particles directly into the hopper, reducing the load on the filters.
  • System is finished with baked on, durable Dupont® powder coat (Triglycidyl Isocyanurate polyester) paint. All carbon steel components are 5-stage acid washed prior to powder coating for maximum adhesion of the paint. Unless otherwise specified, internal frames will be black. Painted inside and outside for weather/corrosion resistance, unless otherwise specified.
  • Filters are automatically back-flush cleaned with periodic pulses of compressed air.
  • Vertical cartridges provide more efficient pulsing of dust, thus eliminating uneven dust loading associated with horizontally mounted cartridges.
  • Powerful cleaning system delivers 100% more cleaning energy than horizontal filter designs. This includes 6” compressed air header, nozzled purge pipes, diaphragms and solenoid valves in NEMA 4 enclosure. Diaphragms are factory plumbed to the solenoids.
  • Quick-open access door(s) to super-fast cartridge change-out system that does not require entry into the collector.
  • Cam-operated clamp bars provide easy filter clamping and sealing.
  • 54” clearance under the hopper discharge flange.

LE5000 Particle Conveyor System (Belt)

The LE5000 particle conveyance system is typically a belttype conveyor assembly designed to continuously move the lead to a centrally located sealed containers, reducing the exposure of range personnel to the hazards of lead and lead dust. The lead dust and particles are stored in DOT approved sealed containers. InVeris incorporates a specialized conveyor system which continuously ‘mines’ the spent bullets, fragments and dust, moving them to a central collection point.

LE5000 Particle Conveyor System (Auger)

The automatic lead collection system will be a screw conveyor which attaches directly to the bullet trap deceleration chamber. The auger has a 2 7/16” shaft with close clearance screw construction with a 5HP 20RPM beltless drive package. The U-trough auger housing can be opened / removed in 10 ft long sections as required for service/repair and long-term sustainment. Lead collection system includes a screw-type (auger) conveyor and sealed collection drum in lieu of the manual buckets. The conveyor has 6” diameter screw conveyor with 2 7/16” shafts and close clearance screw, sealed in a U-trough enclosure running the full width of each of the bullet traps. The conveyor empties into a sealed storage/transport drum located outside the range or designated area behind the trap.