fats®100LE Law Enforcement Virtual Training System

A major expansion in weapons training capability

fats®100LE, a ground breaking virtual training system featuring cutting-edge 3D marksmanship, enhanced diagnostics with intelligent automatic coaching, wireless tablet control and expanded weapons training capability.

InVeris Training Solutions has invested millions of dollars in research and development to create the world’s best small arms training system for militaries around the world. Used by the US Army’s EST II program and the US Marine Corps ISMT program, this landmark system is now available to law enforcement in the fats®100LE.

No one else in the virtual training industry has this type of technology, advancements and enhancements. No one. InVeris’ military-graded and approved training systems are now available for law enforcement training, and can be expanded to meet your department’s needs.

The fats®100LE delivers solid weapon handling and shot placement analytics, and enhanced graphic capabilities for an all-encompassing immersive training platform. This impressive array of functionality crosses over to the 3D marksmanship training environment, with visually realistic and highly detailed terrains and targets. The amazing visual fidelity and target detail readily supports target detection, recognition and identification requirements. An impressive after action review allows engagement and shot assessment in a 3D virtual environment, while providing detailed trainee diagnostics for skill reinforcement and/or correction.

Marksmanship training environments may be changed by controlling the temperature, elevation, wind speed and direction, all which influence the bullet ballistics during flight. A lead point indicator has been added to correctly engage and mark moving targets when not using through-sight devices, while a “target indicator” and “target distance marker” are available to assist virtual training and skill transfer to a live-fire environment. The fats®100LE delivers advanced courses of fire and marksmanship feedback previously unavailable with the required fidelity in virtual marksmanship training.

InVeris’ patent-pending Automatic Coaching leverages the enhanced 3D Marksmanship, InVeris’ BlueFire® weapon simulator diagnostics and optional wireless tablet technology to successfully provide training feedback at the firing line. Instructors can now stand next to the trainees and show exact shot placement, improper weapon handling, weapon trace, and demonstrate correct behavior in real time.

Automatic Coaching creates a flexible training environment by putting instructional tools in the hands of the instructor for ready presentation to the trainee. Automatic Coaching tracks the weapon sensor information — how the trainee manipulates the trigger, how much pressure is applied to the buttstock, how the weapon is canted – with shot analysis that reinforces the fundamentals of shooting to the trainee. Based on detailed shot analysis, automatic assessment flags questionable results (immediately available on an individual tablet for trainee reference), allowing the instructor to quickly identify and correct fundamental marksmanship errors with coaching techniques.

The fats®100LE judgmental training enhances the understanding of shoot/don’t shoot situations and the corresponding decision making process. The system effectively reinforces judgmental training objectives, concealed carry, less lethal and general weapons familiarization skills. The optional single screen configuration includes a variety of video training modes to provide a multi-tiered program.

Officer safety is a primary concern, and the goal is to provide the most innovative tools on the market to prepare officers for split-second decisions. Instinctive officer response based on true-to-life training is critical for effective reactions in the field. With the fats®100LE, instructors have the opportunity to train students on proper use of verbal commands, control tactics, impact strikes, chemical tools, less lethal options and deadly force, This covers use-of-force policy and reinforces the officers’ classroom education and practical exercises. Simulation allows the instructor to repeat training exercises in a low cost, time efficient manner, while replay and look back functions provide an additional debriefing benefit.

InVeris’ fats®100LE is available in both permanently stationed and portable configurations. The system can be delivered in a completely self-contained mil-spec storage case for portability and protection from harsh environments. The training modes include 3D marksmanship, collective training and judgmental HD video scenarios, all supporting InVeris’ own extensive simulated weapon selection.

The fats®100LE comes pre-loaded with a broad set of courseware to support training with embedded marksmanship. InVeris’ fats®100LE offers unmatched training advancements and includes the latest technological developments to meet the needs of law enforcement and security agencies worldwide.

General Features:

  • Up to 20 weapons can be assigned allowing trainees to select the appropriate use of force in judgmental mode, or 5 trainees in marksmanship, for concurrent exercises
  • InVeris’ patented wireless BlueFire weapons
    • Taser® and flashlight
    • Supports legacy weapons
  • Import customer-specific training manuals (PDF, MS Word/PowerPoint, .mpg, .wmv)
  • System utilization reports for data mining, including time spent in training mode, weapon type, etc.
  • Tablet training material content
    • Training materials can be viewed on the tablet and main screen(s) simultaneously
    • Accessible from within each training application
    • System can be run from tablet
  • 1080p projection system
  • On-site installation and system training is included for up to 5 trainees

3D Marksmanship Training Features:

  • Photorealistic 3D terrains
  • 3D targets (including “paper” targets)
  • Natural occultation in 3D
  • High-fidelity environmental effects
  • Support of multiple weapons per trainee
  • Forward moving eye point (shoot and move)
  • Perspective correct target rendering for each lane
  • End user ability to create custom courses of fire to mimic qualification courses and drills
  • The optional tablet modes include:
    • Operator Mode – controls all lanes
    • Instructor Mode – controls contiguous range of lanes (i.e. 1-5)
    • Trainee – functions as a Firing Point Computer
  • Upload and display doctrinal documents for trainees to reference
  • Automatic Coaching analyzes shooting results/sensors to highlight potentially poor shooting habits

Judgmental Training Features:

  • Support for 1920 x 1080p HD scenarios
  • Near miss (inclusive of branching)
  • Branch tree displayed on UI – default branches identified
  • Branching feedback – which branches were executed with instructor comments
  • Judgmental UI integrated into UUI
  • Pause on Hit/Shot and Stop on Hit/Shot – Configurable for pause time
  • Ability to add a scenario playlist
  • Flashlight functionality

Judgmental training highlights shoot/don’t shoot situations and effective decision making processes

Marksmanship training and shot analytics reinforce shooting fundamentals