fats®300LE Immersive Virtual Training System

A 300° immersive training environment with high-definition and 5.1 surround sound

The fats®300LE brings a 300° field of view to the user, providing realistic, engaging training. With high-definition on every screen and 5.1 surround sound, the users will feel like they’re in the action, facing decision making pressures while maintaining situational awareness.

System Components

The fats®300LE delivers true-to-life, comprehensive training and includes:

  • Screens – 5 borderless flat screens spanning 5 of the 6 sides of a hexagon. The 6th side is used as the entry into the fats®300LE. Each screen provides 150” x 84” (16:9 aspect ratio) borderless projection surface.
  • Hit Detection System – 5 digital cameras interface directly to the same Off-CPU real-time (OCR) processor used by the fats®300LE and MIL systems for an easy upgrade path.
  • Projectors – Ultra short throw projectors provide the user greater freedom of movement within the training space while displaying stunning visuals in a 300° environment.
  • Low-Light Subsystem (optional) – Allows users to practice in simulated low-light conditions with both hand-held and weapon-mounted flashlights.
  • Rack – The fats®300LE uses the same transportable rack as the fats®100 line.
  • Surround Sound – The self-powered audio system plays scenarios in 5.1 surround sound. Using the directional sound effects board, the instructor can add in unsettling sounds from any direction, including a barking dog, crying baby, gunshots and more to elevate situational awareness.

Supported Gun/Ammo Types

The fats®300LE supports up to 20 simulated weapons, including fats® weapons and ammunition types. Up to 4 simulated weapons can be assigned to a single user. These include:

  • Rifles
  • Pistols
  • Shotgun
  • Less-lethal – OC spray and TASER® (supported in Judgmental training only)

Training Modes

The fats®300LE supports 3D, Marksmanship, Judgmental and Collective training.

  • Marksmanship – Displaying a vivid, realistic 3D environment, the fats®300LE supports 3D targets, including 3D paper targets.
  • Judgmental – High-definition imagery is projected on every screen. As the scenario eye point moves, all screens reflect the motion. This provides an amazing immersive experience that highlights realistic conflict situations and awareness in a training environment.
  • Collective – Using third-party game engines for squad level instruction provides flexible simulation solutions. Utilizing scenario training and mission rehearsal, the stunning realism of collective training prepares trainees on effective decision-making within a safe, non-lethal, immersive environment. While virtual game engines are typically used for Virtual and Constructive training, Collective training can now be incorporated with InVeris’ small arms training solution.


The fats®300LE comes with a set of training courseware.

  • Marksmanship – Using built-in authoring, the instructor can create realistic specialized courses of fire, using assets (terrains and targets) available on the system. Authoring training is included with the purchase of the fats®300LE.
  • Judgmental – The system comes pre-loaded with a variety of immersive training HD video scenarios. De-escalation and use of force training is highlighted, from less-lethal (OC spray, TASER®) to lethal force.
  • Collective – The system provides multi-screen training with panoramic views, using existing weapons. Operating with new or existing courseware in Collective provides enhanced, detailed terrain and thorough, current 3D models (~ 9,000 models) with artificial intelligence and automatic pathfinding.

High-Fidelity Ballistics

InVeris’ fats®300LE utilizes the same high-fidelity ballistic engine validated by the US Army, US Marine Corps and other military customers.

Size of Screen

Large 16’X9’ screens provide a wider viewing area with a small footprint (25’X25’). The fats®300LE fits into almost any space with at least a 10’ tall ceiling.


The following options are available to compliment the fats®300LE:

  • Lookback – The instructor/operator sees the trainee from a front screen perspective. From there, they can record a video shown in After Action Review (AAR) as a Picture-in-Picture (PIP). Viewed on the main screen, the instructor can help the student through visual coaching.
  • Additional Flashlight – One hand-held flashlight is supplied with the system. Additional flashlights (handheld or weapon-mounted) can be added as options with no quantity limitations.
  • Hostile Fire System – Fires foam pellets to simulate hostile fire and force the trainee(s) to use cover.

Judgmental training highlights verbal de-escalation with lethal/less-lethal force options

Marksmanship training and shot analysis identifies errors in shooting fundamentals