fats®VR Virtual Reality Training System

Bringing the power of proven experience, immersive scenarios, and realistic weapons to a 360° virtual training environment.

InVeris Training Solutions’ fats®VR is an advanced training solution that uses virtual reality (VR) for critical, real-world preparation for de-escalation of force situations.

fats®VR provides law enforcement agencies, private security firms, and military security forces cutting-edge VR technology to rapidly improve trainees’ communication skills, decision-making ability, adherence to policies and procedures, and situational awareness.

Utilizing top-of-the-line VR headsets with impressive 360-degree capabilities and weapons tracking, officers train in fully immersive environments that put them in the action. The ability to perform any scenario and interact with a variety of environments and characters is enhanced with fats®VR. Additionally, the system is available 24/7 to give trainees as many training repetitions as they need, and then more.

Depending on the trainee’s actions, the instructor can dynamically escalate or de-escalate the scenario, and review their decision-making skills from any angle during after action review.

These dynamic training environments and endless branching options increase the trainee’s psychological immersion and focus when dealing with the situation at hand. This leads to significantly stronger knowledge retention, so that officers can respond.

Fully adjustable environments allow instructors to create highly realistic and infinitely dynamic training scenarios.

Major Features

  • Portable system – the fats®VR system is completely portable. A two-trainee system with standard set of weapon simulators will fit in a single hand transportable case.
  • Easy setup – the system uses no external tracking infrastructure. The system can be unpacked, setup and ready to train in a matter of minutes.
  • Can support four trainees now and will expand to eight or more trainees soon.
  • Full duty belt of weapons and tools for all participating trainees.
  • Recoiling weapons – we provide realistic recoiling Pistol and Rifle simulators.
  • Scalable training area. Can train in small rooms or over several thousand square feet.
  • Intuitive instructor UI – the user interface is designed for the best possible user experience for the instructors.
  • High Quality Simulation – The quality of simulation in fats®VR is even better than our previous product. The system can simulate realistic emotional expressions on the simulated characters.
  • An Expanding library of suspect verbiage and actions to support various conversations and officer commands.
  • An Expanding library of suspect and bystander avatars, with variations in gender, ethnicity, and clothing.
  • An Expanding library of high-quality environments with adjustable weather, time of day, lighting conditions and trainee/suspect/bystander starting locations.
  • An Expanding library of drag-and-drop props (e.g. contraband, weapons).
  • Software updates to add more training courseware, virtual assets, and new features.
  • Rich after action reviews with multiple viewpoints and metrics such as shot trajectory.
  • Nuisance generator to create realistic background noises and visuals (e.g. barking dog, shots fired, yelling).
  • Easily create, edit, and save custom scenarios.
  • Practice shooting range for trainees to practice weapon deployment on targets and training dummies.
  • Haptic feedback vest* allows trainees to feel physical sensations when hit by force during a training scenario.
  • Heart rate monitor* tracks trainee spikes during scenarios.

*Optional accessories, sold separately.

fats®VR is highly interactable and allows trainees use their hands for actions from opening doors to handcuffing suspects.


fats®VR constantly releases new environments to adapt to evolving needs. Instructors can easily build customized scenarios using any environment to train based on their policies and procedures. These scenarios can then be conveniently saved to the library for future use. The following are the examples of environments that will be available.

  • Alleyway
  • Apartment
  • Bank
  • Bar
  • Church
  • Gas Station
  • Grocery Store
  • High School
  • Hospital
  • Jail Facility
  • Military Barracks
  • Military Gate
  • Military Visitors Center
  • Motel
  • Park & Playground
  • Parking Lot
  • Pawn Shop
  • Residential House, Backyard, & Garage
  • Rooftop
  • Security Entrance
  • Street
  • Underpass
  • University Emergency Room

Weapons Supported

  • We support the standard law enforcement weapons, with support for more lethal and less-lethal weapons coming soon

Military Features

fats®VR includes robust features, environments, and scenarios catered to military police and security forces within the U.S. Armed Forces. The software supports a variety of military uniforms and allows instructors to set the ranks of trainees and other avatars.

fats®VR is highly portable and flexible, so soldiers train anywhere indoors without disrupting the mission or installation.

fats®VR multi-user capability enriches the training experience by adding an extra layer of teamwork and communication.

Environments & Scenarios

In addition to the breadth of training environments already available for general law enforcement, fats®VR supports a number of specialized military environments, which are often able to be customized to look exactly like a real installation upon request (customization sold separately).

  • Base Commissary
  • Base Housing
  • Base Gate
  • Base Office
  • Military Brig
  • Visitors Center
  • Office

A base housing unit.

A base commissary with multiple sections and checkout lanes.

A conference room on a Marine Corps base.

Using these environments, instructors can quickly create and save a variety of scenario types, including (but not limited to):

  • Active Shooter
  • Emotionally Disturbed Persons
  • Gate Runner
  • Intoxicated Persons
  • Suicidal Individual
  • Visitor Disturbance

A hangar with custom-modeled aircraft and flight suits.

A custom-modeled Oshkosh M-ATV usable that can be dragged and dropped onto an environment as a prop.

Highlight: Gate Runner Scenario

fats®VR specialized Gate Runner Scenario takes trainees through the entire security gate procedure, from requesting identification to pushing the emergency stop button to raise the vehicle barrier in a timely manner.

Instructors can dynamically customize the driver’s actions in real time, including having them drive straight through the gate without stopping. Trainees are taught to de-escalate tense situations, identify weapons and drugs present in the vehicle, respond appropriately to identification scan results (or the lack of identification), and quickly push the emergency stop button when necessary.

A base gate modeled exactly after a real gate at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton.

A base gate modeled exactly after a real gate at Air Force Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst.

A base gate modeled exactly after a real gate at Robins Air Force Base.

Just like fats®VR’s other specialized military scenarios, the Gate Runner Scenario comes with professionally-recorded voice lines that reflect a realistic conversation that could happen during a real gate procedure.