MIT Moving Infantry Target

Rugged and reliable, InVeris Training Solutions’ Moving Infantry Target (MIT) performs in the harshest climates, adapting to different range environments, infrastructures and operational constraints

The MIT’s agility is found in the cable-driven, carrier subsystem, capable of moving in attack and retreat directions at four speeds and adjusting speed during transport.

The MIT supports a standard Stationary Infantry Target (SIT) which exposes and conceals during movement scenarios. Users can select speeds to replicate a human walking slowly (1-3 kph), quickly (4-6 kph), jogging (8-10 kph) or running (12-14 kph) over flat terrain. The MIT carrier fits a SIT and maintains all its functions, including movement.

MIT track is available in standard 2 foot (.6M) wide x 10 foot (3.048M) sections up to 330 feet (100M), can be attached to concrete pads or installed directly on the ground, and is easily assembled with common hand tools. Designed for portability with both AC and DC power plus radio frequency control, the entire system can be easily assembled for training and quickly disassembled for storage or transport as required.

MIT Specifications

  • Communication System – VHF, UHF, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Fiber, MUX
  • Power – 12VDC on board, 24VDC,120VAC/230VAC, 50/60Hz Bunker
  • Carrier Dimensions – 24” W x 36” L x 24” H (concealed), 25.5” H (exposed without a target)
  • Carrier Speed – Variable speed, max 7 mph (11 kph)
  • Self-Test – Standard power on self-test
  • Durability – IP65
  • Operating Temp Range – -20°F (-29°C) to +140°F (+60°C) operation
  • Other – Does not contain hydraulic fluids, contaminants, or hazardous toxins. Can be used with a muzzle flash or moonlight simulator or MILES hit adaptor
  • Hit Sensing – 600 hits/minute
  • Hit Sensitivity – Remotely adjustable
  • Expose/Conceal – Time Less than 1 second
  • Targets – All industry standard US Army and NATO targets
  • Max Target Weight – 10 lbs or 4.5 kg
  • Wind – 35 mph (56 kph) safe operation

Examples of Fielded MITs