RangeMaster™ 9000 (RM9K), RangeMaster™ 10K (RM10K) & XWT Lane Manager

Complete range management.

RangeMaster™ 9000 (RM9K)

The RangeMaster™ 9000 (RM9K) is an easy to use range control system offering instructors and range personnel the ability to write, store and run training scenarios. These scenarios can also be downloaded to the individual control units at the firing line or to another controller.

The scenario files are easily retrieved and launched, with vivid display of real time range target conditions. The targets are directed to initiate a command to travel, conceal, expose or edge, as directed by the RM9K. The RM9K displays all of the target locations, presentations and other optional features via icons of changing colors and images on the computer screen. Targets are shown in increments of feet, yards or meters. InVeris’ adaptable RM9K can control any, all, or a combination of lanes with the simple click of the mouse with our Lane Manager software.

The advanced RM9K provides numerous training scenarios in an easy to use, fully customizable system.

The administrator screen shows reboots and updates.

RangeMaster™ 10K (RM10K)

Complementing the RM9K system, InVeris Training Solutions’ RM10K combines advanced wireless and touch screen technologies for convenience and flexibility in range control operations.

Complete system control is managed through tablet computers, allowing personnel to leave the control room while maintaining complete control of the range. The tablet’s portability allows instructors the freedom to interact with shooters at the line and provide immediate feedback and correction.

The control and portability equate to increased productivity, as range instructors devote attention to firearms instruction rather than range management from the confines of a control room.

InVeris’ RM10K touchscreen controller utilizes the latest technology in an intuitive, easy-to-navigate manner. Range personnel may choose from multiple options on one screen, including the menu bar, target commands and arrangement. Accepted commands of “friend”, “foe” and “edge” are standard; or optional, random target actuations may be executed. The random commands direct the target to present a complete, unexpected turn to the right or left, in increments of up to 360º, allowing for real life scenarios and enhanced target training.

The freedom of use and cutting-edge digital capabilities of the RM10K support the training requirements for range operators for today, tomorrow and the future.

XWT Lane Manager

The XWT Lane Manager allows the range operator to control the lane from any browser on the InVeris network. It also:

  • Displays the status of all lane ICU batteries on a single page, and delivers a pop-up on the browser if the lane battery gets low.
  • Sets a time limit on the lane ICU. A configurable countdown timer flashes when remaining time drops below five minutes.
  • Displays a pop-up on the Lane Manager page when lane time drops below the five minute limit.
  • Triggers the ICU into lock-down mode when time runs out, only allowing the carrier to come home.
  • Displays a Help button on the ICU, enabling a pop-up notification display on any browser pointing to the Lane Manager web page. The Help notification can be enabled or disabled in the ICU 411 screen.
  • Turns on a light above the shooter’s booth when the Help button is enabled. This light is controlled via a Wi-Fi enabled smart switch.
  • Works in administrative mode, allowing the range operator to:
    • Reboot the ICU’s individually or all ICU’s simultaneously. It’s no longer necessary to use the POE switch web interface.
    • Upgrade the ICU firmware individually or all ICU’s simultaneously.

Access default time presets and manual input button.

Help button is easily accessed through the ICU.

View multiple bays and lanes, time remaining and battery level.