Safe-N-Clear™ Clearing Traps

InVeris Training Solutions’ Safe-N-Clear™ trap provides a safe and secure method for checking a firearm when loading or unloading

The chamber of the Safe-N-Clear trap is filled with a thick bed of GranTex™, a granulated rubber material that safely deenergizes rounds.

A reinforced rubber screen secured across the trap opening provides a slot for muzzle insertion and serves as a protective barrier against backsplatter. In the event of a discharge, the round is captured virtually intact in the GranTex material and is securely contained inside the Safe-N-Clear™.

The Safe-N-Clear™ is a floor model clearing trap, so it does not require a stand or special mounting hardware to keep it stationary or secure. This allows more flexibility in placing the clearing trap in the most desirable location as specified by the customer.

It is an ideal safety measure for police stations, correctional facilities, firing ranges, or any location where firearms are handled.

InVeris offers two Safe-N-Clear™ models, one for handguns and the other for rifles with the following specifications:

Handgun Model LE1213

  • Accommodates 2000 fps and 2200 ft/lbs muzzle energy
  • Dimensions: 35” H x 13” W x 18” D
  • Weighs 208 lbs.

Rifle Model LE1216

  • Accommodates 3600 fps and 3600 ft/lbs muzzle energy
  • Dimensions: 31” H x 13.5” W x 23” D
  • Weighs 314 lbs.