Custom Shooting Stalls

InVeris Training Solutions has been the industry leader in shooting range innovation, design, installation and equipment for over 90 years

Our custom shooting stalls allow you to create clear stalls, solid stalls, stalls with texture and various materials such as wood, leather or vinyl. The possibilities are endless.

Pistol and rifle rated, the custom shooting stalls provide:

  • Customizable outer surfaces to continue customer theme into shooting range area
  • Seamless installation with all InVeris target systems and safety ceiling equipment
  • Noise abatement to minimize sound between shooting stalls
  • Ballistic containment and protection with AR steel mounted in the center of the stall design

In addition, custom shooting stalls can be outfitted with a variety of optional features to enhance the shooter’s experience.

Create your own unique statement with the InVeris custom shooting stall. Personalizing your range, while keeping your shooters safe, has never been so attractive.

Options include:

  • Stall widths: Stalls are available in 2 ft. increments, with 4ft., 6 ft. and 8 ft. widths. They can be further customized in 2 ft. increments.
  • Stall lighting: Recessed LED lights provide dimmable lighting for each stall. Available in multiple colors, stall lighting can illuminate logos, range numbers and other items upon request. A red/blue led strobe light option allows realistic law enforcement training.
  • Acoustics: Beveled Pepp acoustics can be mounted from the shooters shelf to the end of the stall.
  • Shooter’s bench: Available in solid wood, leather or other materials, the shooter’s bench also includes hooks to keep personal items off of the floor. End lane benches use a swing down design for easy range access. ADA bench heights are available for disabled persons.
  • Blast shield: Protecting shooters from adjacent stall brass casings, the blast shield provides additional marketing revenue for your range with stall or member sponsorships and/or logos placed on the blast shields.
  • Lane marker: Each shooting lane can be illuminated with a lane marker and corresponding lane number.
  • Stall front edge concealment plate: Covering the width of the stall, the plate’s rubber material allows a bullet to continue a forward path in the event of an accidental discharge.
  • Stall back edge concealment plate: Flush mounted with all corner surfaces smoothed to prevent snagging of clothing.
  • Dual rifle racks: Mounted to the back edge concealment plate, the racks allows for two rifles to be stored within the shooting stall.