Carl-Gustaf Simulator

Achieve your training objectives with the Carl-Gustaf 84mm simulator upgrade

The multi-purpose 84mm Carl-Gustav is a permanently modified, real weapon that comes with the latest ammunition rounds, and the upgrade is quick, efficient and cost-effective.

Our proprietary software, simulation and sensor technology enables challenging training in a secure environment through the use of realistic scenarios. The simulated Carl-Gustaf retains the form, fit and function of the live weapon.

Carl Gustaf

Deployed with the Australian Defence Forces, the system enhances training and tests close combatants. Plug-and-play and upgraded from InVeris’ existing Carl-Gustaf trainer, it can interface with any simulator on a 10.6 operating system.

Carl Gustaf 2

Five ways the new Carl-Gustaf 84mm simulator improves your training

  1. Versatility in natures of ammunition – HEDP, HE, ILLUM, HEAT and SMK. The redesigned Carl Gustaf lets you vary your troops according to the tactical situation. If a scenario requires more than one type of round, trainers can observe their ammunition allocation on a split screen.
  2. Flexibility for real-life targets. The redesigned model gets you closer to the chaotic, non-linear nature of an assault, allowing off-screen as well as traditional on-screen firing. Since certain applications, such as illumination, require mastering high-angle firing, the simulator lets trainees aim at the top of the screen and beyond through inertial guidance.
  3. Multiple sensors for improved evaluation. Trainers can view performance through sensors that show the
    following parameters:

    • Range setting (meters)
    • Impact mode (air/ground)
    • Elevation
    • Safety
    • Cocked/uncocked
    • Round
  4. Elimination of weapon sentry. No longer is it necessary to employ a live weapon as with the current appended solution. The Carl-Gustaf frees you from posting an individual to secure the weapon during breaks between training. As per InVeris’ patented technology, the Carl-Gustaf solution is a real weapon, permanently modified, preventing its use with live ammunition.
  5. Proven advanced technology to meet your training objectives. Urban operations, amphibious landings and assaults on dug-in positions can be complex, transcending the typical limitations of a live fire training event. InVeris’ Carl-Gustaf expands the dimensions of training, combining the realism of weapon recoil with accurate portrayals of threats. Forces today must constantly lessen the gap between how you train and how you fight.

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