M72 Simulator

The M72 Light Anti-Tank Weapon (LAW) A Series Simulator: Rocket Launcher Training.

Since the late 1950s when it was developed at the US Army Redstone Arsenal, the M72 LAW (Light Anti-Tank or Anti-Armor weapon) has ably served forces as a portable one-shot 66mm unguided rocket anti-tank weapon.

Another advancement from InVeris: Reliable Wireless Training for a Trusted Weapon. The weapon’s simplicity and portability continue to commend it to military combat units. Our latest BlueFire® wireless weapon matches the simplicity and portability of the live weapon.

The M72A7 LAW is a lightweight, self-contained, anti-armor weapon that consists of a rocket packed in a launcher. Man-portable, it fires from either shoulder with almost no recoil. Issued as a round of ammunition, it requires only a visual inspection and some operator
maintenance. The launcher, which consists of two tubes, one inside the other, serves as a watertight packing container for the rocket and houses a percussion-type firing mechanism that activates the rocket; a fin-stabilized, fixed-shaped charge round.

To fire, the soldier removes the tube covers, extends the weapon (if collapsed for carrying), elevates the sights, and cocks the arming switch.

The BlueFire® M72: Economy, simplicity, ease-of-use and reuse

The M72 simulator is based on an expended tube from a live weapon. While a live weapon involves a single-shot throwaway, the BlueFire® M72 allows repeated training with the same platform. Everything about the M72 reinforces economy-conscious thinking without neglecting the firepower mission.

  • Single ballistics for all versions.
  • Use of existing hardware, retrofitted with the latest technology. Government furnished equipment (GFE), i.e. expended M72 tubes, are required and can be modified, strengthened and reinforced by InVeris’ expert craftsmen. Simply supply us with expended tubes from the series you wish to simulate. We will use your GFE to fit the simulator inside, retrofitting it with an air canon, laser, or firing/flash LEDs.
  • Durability for long-term reuse. The M72 simulator is made to last thousands of shots. We reinforce every M72 (particularly the firing mechanism) to withstand years of continual use.

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