C16 Simulator

C16 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher System (AGLS)

Now you can train realistically on the C16 through an advanced simulated system. Eliminate the high cost of live training, yet still have the necessary precision training experience.

The simulated C16 is true to form, constructed from the original weapon produced by Heckler & Koch (H&K) GMG (Grenade Machine Gun). Tethering ensures the highest degree of weapons control and feedback.

Collaborative crew training for platoon and company fire support. The simulator supports both Individual and collective training, ranging from loading and sighting drills to detachment-level training and collective section-level assaults. Normally operated by a detachment of three soldiers, the C16 AGLS requires that commanders, gun controllers and gunners understand the principles of employing grenade fire.

They also must grasp the capabilities and limitations of the C16 AGLS. With a thorough understanding of the handling drills, capabilities and limitations of the weapon in a simulated environment, crews will be prepared for real-life execution of commands.

InVeris’ C16 ALGS simulator meets your training needs

  • Ammunition: Diverse High Velocity 40mm x 53mm grenades at 340 rounds per minute. The simulator performs within H&K OEM specifications of 40mm x 53mm HV, muzzle velocity at 240 m/s, and cyclic rate of fire of 340 rounds per minute. Ammunition includes: High Explosive Dual Purpose – Self Destruct (HEDP-SD), Training Practice (TP) and Training Practice-Tracer (TPT). The simulator supports both direct and indirect firepower.
  • Sighting: Day, night and all weather. With a variety of day and night scenarios, the GMG can be used for most medium-range infantry support situations. The simulated thermal sight further enables the C16 AGLS crew to engage targets during all weather conditions at all light levels.
  • Targets: Versatility. The simulator enables training against light armoured vehicles, light fortifications and troops in open.
  • Range: Up to 2000 meters. You can engage personnel, point, area and vehicle targets up to a range of 2,000 meters.
  • Configurations: Flexibility. Crews can train the multiple tripod configurations in three different firing positions.

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