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Virtual Or Live, These Next-Gen Firearms Training Solutions Can Help You Effectively Train Your Officers

A survey conducted by the Police Executive Research Forum in 2021 revealed an 18% increase in resignations and a 45% increase in retirements among law enforcement agencies compared to 2021. This means that law enforcement must recruit new officers, and thereby new periods of training.

Training your officers has come a long way in the past decades; it has evolved along with modern-day technologies and new systems and approaches. In this blog post, we provide details on state-of-the-art training technologies and solutions that your agency can implement to effectively train your officers.

Live-Fire Training

Live-Fire training entails building and maintaining a range — from ventilation, lead abatement, general environmental concerns, zoning regulations, and proper range equipment, among others. This comprises design, construction, and maintenance.

Here is a brief description of the main components needed in a modern-day training range:

Bullet traps. Modern-day bullet traps need to be secure, innovative, and robust in order to ensure the safety of trainees, trainers, and officers. Or even the community within the nearby location. Live-fire products such as InVeris’ GranTrap™ feature a patented stair-step design that uses GranTex™ granulate rubber material to stop incoming rounds. The bullet impacts the soft media, and the trap captures it predominately intact.

Shooting Stalls. Innovative stalls should be stalls customizable, interchangeable, and convenient — yet still safe. InVeris SafeZone™ is the best and most flexible stall by design. SafeZone offers pistol and rifle-rated frames with interchangeable options including lighting, A/V communication systems, and barricades for a premium experience. At InVeris, we can help agencies create clear stalls, solid stalls, and custom stalls with texture and various materials such as wood, leather, or vinyl to capture the look of surrounding spaces.

Target Retrieval Systems. Retrieval or carrier systems should be reliable, rugged, and ready to work. InVeris XWT Wireless Target Carriers are the most innovative wireless target retrieval system. It is the industry’s first wireless, 360-degree turning target retrieval system that features longer battery life, brighter and more durable, less noise to distract the shooter, less maintenance, and programmable control for skill set development. Meanwhile, XCT Target Retrieval System is a rugged and stable system that features a non-turning target carrier. Operating on an overhead monorail track and operated by tablet or PC, the XCT is suitable for handguns, submachine guns, and shotguns, allowing a full spectrum of training and usage. Lastly, InVeris’ CEA and CEB are classic gun target retrieval systems. These are fixed-speed, electrically powered trolley wire target systems via a forward-stop-return control switch located at the firing line.

Stationary Target Systems. Training won’t be complete without the targets. A target is that one physical evidence that your officers are ready to be deployed. InVeris provides Pop-up Turning targets, Tandem Turning Targets, Electro-mechanical, and Pneumatic Pop-up and Turning Target Systems, Turning Targets capable of rotating a target up to 360 degrees, and Running Man or Pursuit Targets. All of these target systems vary, and combined together, they can simulate real-life combats to ensure your officers are trained for battle.

Ballistic protection. Last but not the least, ballistic protection is important in training; your trainees’ safety matters. So, InVeris’ Air-Space Ceiling System comprises mixed layered panels strategically engineered to contain a misdirected round while decreasing sound levels. Standard Rubber Paver (SRP) floor coverings provide a steady footing for trainees.

Virtual Training

Virtual training takes everything to the next level. Training your officers for experience in a virtual world has now crossed from science fiction to reality. The following technologies can become significant parts of your virtual reality law enforcement training.

BlueFire® Weapon Simulators. Wireless BlueFire is designed to simulate the same form, fit, and function of an officer’s duty weapon with unprecedented realism. They are fully sensor-equipped weapons that reinforce recoil with a rechargeable magazine of compressed gas, delivered through a fill station. The full sensor provides feedback for comprehensive diagnostics and After Action Review (AAR) with data delivered directly to the instructor.

FATS® 100LE Virtual Training System. The world’s most proven virtual training system, FATS® 100le Virtual Training System provides simulation firearms training that meets the rigorous standards of military forces, modified for law enforcement needs — all with the ease of tablet control. It is designed to help your agency to enhance accuracy with 3D marksmanship training and improve officer judgment through scenario-based judgmental training.

FATS® 100P Portable Training System. This is the on-the-go version of the FATS® 100LE Virtual Training System. Compact, lightweight, and easy to operate, this turnkey small arms trainer offers unprecedented mobility for judgmental training, including de-escalation of force scenarios, and 3D marksmanship.

FATS® 100C Marksmanship Training System. A virtual training system designed to let officers practice for state-specific certification tests while eliminating the costs of live practice ammo. The system couples basic to expert-level courses of fire, industry-leading BlueFire® simulated weapons or laser insert weapons, and impressive analytical skill feedback to help instructors perfect trainees’ skills at all levels, including shooting fundamentals, grip, sight alignment and picture, trigger control, and recoil management.

FATS® 180LE Virtual Training System. This technology provides a three-screen,180° field of view for superior marksmanship and judgmental training in an immersive environment that increases the realism of training as well as heightens awareness and proper use of force responses. Its “Judgmental Mode” heightens situation awareness and training with three fully reconfigurable screens to immerse users in the situation

FATS® 300LE Immersive Training System. This technology provides next-level immersion in five screens — a 300° field of view puts your officers in the action, so they are trained from an unexpected threat from any direction. It is designed to improve the de-escalation of force skills with over 1,250 video scenarios and hone marksmanship ability in a ballistically accurate simulator.

Virtual or Live-Fire, InVeris Can Help You

InVeris has more than 90 years of experience building compliant, safe, and user-satisfying shooting ranges. InVeris’ team of experts — from engineering to sales — can help streamline the entire shooting range construction and design process, allowing you to reach your milestones for your officers’ training in time. They can guide you through every step, from the research and bid process to range design, construction, and maintenance.

For more information on how you can get help in building a safe, reliable training environment — be it live-fire or virtual — contact InVeris Training Solutions.