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Preparing the Modern Military with Cutting-Edge Simulation Training

Today’s military faces an ever-evolving landscape of threats and challenges. Remaining mission-ready requires robust, real-world training that can effectively prepare combatants for any scenario they may encounter. InVeris Training Solutions, a trusted partner of the military for over 35 years, stands at the forefront of this endeavor. As the only training systems company delivering an integrated solution that combines training simulators, live-fire field range, and indoor range solutions, InVeris has become the globally recognized leader in military training.

Leading the Way in Military Simulation

InVeris Training Solutions has a distinguished track record of providing industry-leading military simulation. As the simulation Program of Record for the US Army and US Marine Corps, Australia, Singapore, Brunei, the United Kingdom, Canada, and New Zealand, our reputation for excellence and reliability is well established. We have fielded over 7,500 small arms trainers (SATs) and 40,000 laser-based weapons simulators, which include 300 types of weapons.

These state-of-the-art training tools are currently deployed in 130 countries worldwide, ensuring a broad reach and impact.

Pushing the Envelope in AR, VR, and Projection-Based Simulation Training

Our commitment to delivering life-saving training that meets mission requirements drives our continuous innovation. We offer a broad spectrum of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and projection-based simulators designed to meet a variety of training needs.

SRCE uses augmented reality, a type of technology that uses computer-generated visual and auditory media that is overlaid on the physical world, generating obstacles, virtual characters, avatars, and assets. The purpose of augmented reality is to create an interactive experience that greatly enhances the trainee’s real-world training environment. SRCE is designed for mission rehearsal at the actual location or a recreated 3D “twin” of the mission destination, adding another layer of realism and immersion.

SURVIVR, our VR training system, is specifically designed for de-escalation of force scenarios. Using VR headsets, trainees can practice their skills in a 360-degree fully immersive virtual environment. SURVIVR can create lifelike military training environments, such as base commissaries, base housing, gates, brigs, visitors centers, and more. This technology enables trainees to experience a variety of situations and scenarios, including active shooter scenarios, gate runner scenarios, intoxicated persons, emotionally disturbed persons, suicidal individuals, visitor disturbances, and more, allowing the trainer the ability to escalate, de-escalate, then re-escalate the situation on command as desired.

Our projection-based system, FATS 100MIL, offers trainees visually realistic and highly detailed terrains and targets on a screen, complete with a range of environmental effects and visual effects, such as wind-blown environments that can simulate the ballistic effects for wind value as well as provide accurate moving target lead training. It employs our BluFire wireless weapons simulators, providing trainees with a realistic feel of the actual weight, heft, and ergonomics of the weapons they will be using in the field.

FATS 100MIL delivers advanced weapon handling and shot placement analytics, enabling instructors to provide tailored coaching to trainees comprising multiple training outcomes including:

  • Improved accuracy
  • Breathing control
  • Use of cover
  • Firing in different positions and from/through barricades
  • Steady Aiming Position
  • Correct Trigger Prep/Cant/Squeeze
  • Observing Safety Requirements
  • Post Engagement Sequence
  • Better weapon handling, including tactical, stoppages and emergency reload drills

InVeris also offers a wide range of simulators developed in conjunction with our military partners, including Military Armored Fighting Vehicle Trainers, Tactical Heavy Weapons Simulators, Mortar Simulators, and more.

Next-Level Realism and Fidelity

InVeris Training Solutions builds its simulation training systems in partnership with the military. This collaboration ensures that all crucial details and training parameters are accounted for. Our systems incorporate advanced marksmanship analytics, like eye tracking, heart rate monitoring, and respiratory rate tracking. These features help instructors simulate and account for the stressors of real-world engagement, making the training as realistic and immersive as possible.

InVeris BlueFire weapons further enhance the realism of the training experience. They realistically simulate recoil and are equipped with multiple sensors that monitor trigger pressure, butt pressure, cant, and more. All ballistics are validated against ARDEC, guaranteeing the highest level of accuracy and fidelity.

Providing the Military with Cutting-edge Simulation Training

InVeris Training Solutions is steadfast in its mission to provide the military with cutting-edge simulation training. As technology continues to evolve, so do our training solutions, keeping pace with the ever-shifting demands and challenges of modern warfare. We continue to push the boundaries of AR, VR, and projection-based simulation training, striving for the highest levels of realism and fidelity.

Our unwavering commitment to innovation, excellence, and partnership with the military ensures that we remain the globally recognized leader in military training. We understand that our training systems play a crucial role in preparing combatants for the realities of their mission because seconds matter. As such, we remain dedicated to providing tools and solutions that save lives, meet the mission, and ultimately contribute to a safer world.