Category: Commercial02.06.2023

SRCE Updates: New features further enhance trainees’ ability to See, Rehearse, and Collectively Experience mission scenarios using Augmented Reality

As the industry leader in integrated live fire and virtual training solutions, InVeris continuously evolves its products to meet the demands of a rapidly changing world. SRCE™ (See, Rehearse, Collectively Experience), our Augmented Reality (AR) training system, has long been at the forefront of this revolution, combining real and virtual elements to offer an unparalleled level of realism, performance assessment, and flexibility in training for military and law enforcement.

Now, we are excited to announce a suite of advanced features that further refine the SRCE experience, keeping it at the cutting edge of AR training technology.

Introducing new and improved features

Firstly, we’re thrilled to introduce support for the Magic Leap 2, the most cutting-edge headset on the market. This integration allows trainees to dive even deeper into the immersive training scenarios, enhancing their engagement and learning experience.

One of the most significant enhancements in the latest update is the expanded functionality for characters. Instructors can now make selected characters perform numerous actions for de-escalation of force training, such as getting on the ground or putting their hands behind their back. Further, they can also guide a character’s movement within the virtual environment, providing more realistic and unexpected scenarios for trainees to respond to.

To increase the realism of training scenarios, we’ve also added advanced options for modifying character’s properties and behaviors. These include adjusting a character’s reaction time, crouch state, preparedness level, and even the number of hits needed to neutralize a threat. AI patrolling and voice responses with realistic lip sync can also be enabled, contributing to an even more immersive and realistic training environment.

We’ve also broadened the variety of characters available within SRCE, with an array of different ethnicities, body types, and attire to choose from. This diversity allows for the creation of training scenarios that are truly representative of the real world.

Finally, the addition of microphone communication enhances the realism and effectiveness of training. This feature includes microphone recordings in After Action Reviews (AAR) and simulated radio communication between the instructor and trainees, further bridging the gap between training scenarios and real-world situations.

These latest updates to SRCE fortify its position as the leading augmented reality training solution for military and law enforcement. SRCE can simultaneously support up to four trainees using BlueFire weapons in an actual or 3D training environment, where they can see their own hands, feet, weapons, teammates and surroundings as well as CGI elements using an AR headset.

By continuously incorporating innovative features and improvements, SRCE remains at the forefront of preparing professionals for the challenges they will face in the field. The enhanced SRCE experience truly allows trainees to See, Rehearse, and Collectively Experience scenarios with a level of realism and effectiveness that is unmatched in the industry.