Category: Commercial28.06.2023

Taking Aim at Better Training


Virtual weapons training at InVeris Training Solutions prepares military, law enforcement, and safety personnel for whatever comes their way.

WITH TROUBLING HEADLINES—school shootings, officer involved fatalities, and active shooter scenarios—demand is up for better ways to train safety personnel, teach de-escalation techniques, and ensure the best outcomes in high-pressure situations. Traditional training programs with classroom lectures and role-playing exercises don’t cut it. Fortunately, new virtual reality and augmented reality options provide hands-on, tactile experiences that get as close to a real-life encounter as possible.

Based in Suwanee in Gwinnett County, InVeris Training Solutions hopes to answer the call. The company hosts both live and virtual weapons training demonstrations at its headquarters, as well as at sites across the U.S. and in more than 50 countries worldwide. Several systems allow trainees to practice with simulated weapons that are similar to their own live models, rehearse common stressful scenarios, and even maneuver spaces modeled after the important locations they protect, such as schools and government buildings.

“Our tagline is Because Seconds Matter,” says InVeris CEO Clyde Tuggle. “Our job is to build systems to make the world a safer place and give military personnel and law enforcement officers the tools to make good decisions. “Many of the people who work for us and with us are veterans or former law enforcement, which is part of the real magic,” Tuggle continues. “They’ve been in uniform.

They’ve done this training. They know what does and doesn’t work and how to adapt the programs to create a better experience.”

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