Category: Military16.05.2023

Enhancing Marksmanship Training: InVeris Training Solutions’ Latest Update for the UK Ministry of Defense

InVeris Training Solutions is proud to announce the completion of the latest update for the UK Ministry of Defense (UK MoD) last month. This significant milestone marked the delivery of the latest Marksmanship Courseware to the UK Dismounted Close Combat Trainer (DCCT) simulator, a vital component of firearms training for all branches of the UK Armed Forces.

The Importance of the DCCT Simulator

The DCCT simulator is the primary firearms training system for the UK Army, Navy, and Air Force, integrated into the Operational Shooting Policy (OSP) adopted by the UK MoD. As their first exposure to firing a weapon, this simulator plays a pivotal role in preparing personnel to handle firearms effectively and safely.

Ensuring Operational Standards

Before progressing to live firing, all UK MoD personnel must meet operational standards in simulation training on the DCCT. This ensures familiarity with weapon operation, expectations, and required standards on the live range, promoting safety and proficiency.

Maintaining Operational Readiness

InVeris Training Solutions’ latest update to the Marksmanship Courseware for the DCCT simulator empowers all units within the UK MoD to access the most up-to-date training materials. This ensures that training remains at the operational readiness level required for all personnel across the UK Armed Forces.

Benefits of Simulation Training

Simulation training offers controlled, repeatable environments for skill practice, decision-making, and muscle memory development without live firing risks. The DCCT simulator replicates real-world scenarios, enabling personnel to experience diverse tactical situations and adapt their responses. Moreover, simulation training is cost-effective, reduces ammunition consumption, and minimizes environmental impact.

InVeris Training Solutions: Leaders in Simulation Technology

InVeris Training Solutions leads in providing innovative and immersive simulation solutions for military and law enforcement training. With a rich history of delivering cutting-edge technology, InVeris remains committed to developing state-of-the-art training systems aligned with the evolving needs of modern armed forces. By advancing marksmanship training capabilities, InVeris empowers armed forces worldwide to enhance their operational readiness and effectiveness.

The completion of the latest update for the UK MoD’s DCCT simulator represents another significant milestone in the ongoing partnership between InVeris Training Solutions and the UK Armed Forces.