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How Training Simulators Give Warfighters a Competitive Edge

As warfare changes in sync with geopolitical upheavals, a major challenge for military decision makers is optimizing the way their warfighters sharpen and acquire new skills, taking into consideration limitations in terms of time, costs, safety, and logistics.

Traditionally, trainees learn how to handle potential battlefield situations through live field engagements, attending lectures, or watching videos. These traditional training methods can feel insufficient given today’s constantly changing battlefield requirements, and they also lack the capacity for objective assessment, progression tracking, and immediate and accurate feedback.

Although traditional training methods are irreplaceable, they sometimes lack realism and are not enough to optimally train soldiers. One way to address this gap is by augmenting traditional methods with simulation platforms that provide hyper-realistic training for combat personnel.

Immersive Training using Virtual and AR platforms

Immersive training utilizes developments in both virtual and augmented reality (AR) and helps elevate warfighter training by empowering soldiers via interactive experiences, actionable metrics, and continual learning.

Training simulation improves soldiers’ combat skills by simulating actual vehicles, soldiers, enemies, and other threats in the environment. Using a VR headset and controllers, trainees are completely immersed in virtual environments where they can practice battle strategies and maneuvers. It provides an immersive environment where drills can be carried out with repetition, simulating actual field attacks.

Simulations stimulate the brain on different levels: cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and experiential. Immersive training helps soldiers synchronously develop both emotional and rational reactions under intense pressure, sharpening critical skills for enhanced performance during actual battles. This is especially important as skills become intuitive when our brain is able to simulate outcomes.

Improved Welfare and Safety

From 2006 to 2021, 38.8% of active-duty military deaths in the U.S. were the result of accidents. More than half of those accidents occurred in circumstances related to training with vehicles.  

Training simulators provide trainees a safe environment where they can practice operating dangerous weapons and vehicles without endangering their lives. This gives them the opportunity to gain the necessary skills and experience they need in actual encounters. By using training simulators, militaries now have the ability to experiment and test out different scenarios without risking the safety and welfare of its personnel.

Objective Measurement and Feedback

Simulation training combines qualitative analysis with quantitative analysis, and carries out simulation experiments by creating mathematical models, semi-physical models or physical models. It is considered more scientific than the traditional and manual system, thus minimizing subjectivity and making the training results more objective.

Training simulators make it possible to objectively measure individual progress over time. The simulator program can document trainees’ every action and decision which can be monitored and become the basis for feedback.

Flexibility and Scalability

Simulators can be controlled to produce a variety of unique environments and scenarios for different training sessions. They can be tailored to cater to a specific situation or skill which provides more focus on specific training goals. Elements such as simulated soldiers, enemies, and vehicles can interact in different weather conditions and landscapes within the simulation in a very realistic manner. This provides trainees with knowledge and experience when it comes to working in different conditions that would have been difficult for them to encounter in their actual training or live field engagements.

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