Category: Law Enforcement05.04.2023

Improving Marksmanship Without the Cost of Live Ammo Using the InVeris FATS100C Virtual Training System

According to a report from the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF), the average police officer in the U.S. receives 58 hours of firearms training during basic academy training and only 2.2 hours of training per year thereafter. While some officers may receive adequate training for improving marksmanship skills, others may not have access to sufficient training opportunities.

This is a wake-up call for all law enforcement agencies as marksmanship is a critical skill for law enforcement officers who carry firearms as part of their duties. However, traditional marksmanship training can be costly and time-consuming. It requires officers to travel to shooting ranges, use live ammunition, and work with trainers to improve their skills. The InVeris FATS 100C Marksmanship Training System can address these challenges by providing a cost-effective and convenient virtual, projection-based weapons-handling range system designed to help officers pass their required marksmanship certifications while eliminating the cost of live practice ammunition.

Adapt to Every Challenge

Law enforcement agencies have to contend with limited budgets for training and certification, which can restrict resources and make it difficult to provide comprehensive training programs. The InVeris FATS 100C provides a safe and cost-effective training environment for officers using virtual ammunition that enables officers to practice their marksmanship skills without the cost and logistical challenges. This can be especially beneficial for departments with limited budgets or those that are located in areas where outdoor ranges may be difficult to access.

Law enforcement officers are required to complete a basic training program that covers topics such as the use of force, defensive tactics, and firearms training, among others. The InVeris FATS 100C Marksmanship Training System provides a highly customizable training experience for officers, including a variety of scenarios that can be tailored to the specific needs of the department or the individual officer. For example, officers can work on marksmanship skills such as target identification and shooting accuracy.

Law enforcement agencies must ensure that all officers meet training and certification requirements and that records are adequately maintained to demonstrate compliance. The FATS 100C includes a range of metrics and analytics tools that can help officers and departments track their progress and identify areas for improvement. InVeris’ patented Automatic Coaching analyzes shooting results/sensors to highlight potentially poor shooting habits. It combines weapon sensor and shot results data to highlight trainee errors, which are then immediately displayed with links to corrective video clips and integrated training manuals to demonstrate the proper firing techniques. The system can provide real-time feedback on factors such as shooting accuracy, reaction times, and decision-making, allowing officers to track their performance and identify areas for improvement.

Lastly, law enforcement officers may have demanding schedules and limited time for training and certification. This can make it difficult to schedule training sessions and provide enough time for officers to fully develop their skills. The FATS 100C is easy to transport, set up, and use for practicing required weapon skills almost anywhere.

All things considered, the FATS 100C offers a potent and adaptable tool for enhancing marksmanship abilities among police officers and for meeting certification standards. The technology can assist officers in acquiring the crucial skills they need to carry out their jobs safely and successfully by offering a safe and affordable training environment, as well as highly customized scenarios and real-time feedback. Departments can offer a well-rounded training program that helps officers learn the skills they need to execute their duties safely and successfully by combining the advantages of virtual training with traditional training methods.

Three Keys to an Effective Training System

The InVeris FATS 100C Marksmanship Training System is a valuable tool in law enforcement training and certification for several reasons. The keys to effective training include realism, meaningful feedback, and repetition enabled by range availability and a convenient location.

Realism: The FATS 100C Training System offers a high level of realism in its virtual training environment. The system uses advanced simulation technology that provides officers with a realistic and immersive experience that replicates the effects of firing a weapon, including recoil. The system also includes a high-resolution projection screen that displays a virtual training environment that accurately replicates indoor and outdoor environments, lighting conditions, and different scenarios.

Meaningful feedback: The FATS 100C provides officers with meaningful feedback on their performance in real time. The system tracks a variety of metrics and analytics, such as shooting accuracy and reaction times to provide officers with immediate feedback on their performance. This feedback allows officers to identify areas for improvement and adjust their marksmanship skills accordingly. The system also generates detailed reports on each officer’s performance, which can be reviewed and analyzed by trainers or supervisors to identify areas for improvement at an individual or departmental level.

Repetition: The FATS 100C allows officers to practice their marksmanship skills repeatedly, allowing them to develop muscle memory and reflexes that will help them perform more effectively under stress. The system comes with state-specific courseware so that they can practice for upcoming certification tests. It also includes a variety of scenarios that can be customized to meet the specific needs of the department or the individual officer, thereby allowing officers to improve their skills and develop confidence in their abilities, which can be critical in real-life situations.

Using the InVeris FATS 100C Marksmanship Training System, law enforcement agencies can provide their officers with high-quality, realistic training to help them perform their duties more effectively and safely. This can help officers achieve and maintain their training and certification requirements. For more information on how you can effectively prepare your officers for their regular training certifications, check out the FATS 100C data sheet or schedule a free demo.