fats® 100LE Law Enforcement Virtual Training System

The world’s best small arms training system for militaries around the world


fats® 100LE, is a groundbreaking virtual training system featuring cutting edge 3D marksmanship, enhanced diagnostics with intelligent automatic coaching, wireless tablet control and expanded weapons training capability.

The fats® 100LE offers the best of two worlds: simulation firearms training that meets the rigorous standards of military forces, modified for law enforcement needs.

Enhanced accuracy with 3D marksmanship training

From photorealistic 3D terrain to an extensive library of LE targets and the ability to affect environmental conditions, the variables make the fats® 100LE a robust training tool

Improved scenario-based judgmental training

Officers can participate in de-escalation of force training with branching capabilities, subject to your decisions, pre-loaded on the system

BlueFire weapons: Replicates the form, fit and function of a real duty weapon

Our patented BlueFire® wireless pistols, rifles, shotguns and virtual accessories, and tethered weapons react just like the original weapon

Enhanced diagnostics: Intelligent automatic coaching

During the After-Action Review (AAR), instructors can show trainees all aspects of their performance from shot to “hit or miss.”

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fats® 100LE Virtual Training System

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