Bullet Traps, Live Fire Range (LEO)

We practically invented the modern-day gun range. Our bullet traps are no exception.

InVeris Training Solutions, makers of FATS® and Caswell technologies, has been the global leader in law enforcement training and commercial gun range products for over 90 years.

Fielding over 15,000 ranges around the world, InVeris Training Solutions provides turnkey shooting range design, equipment and installation, and the logistic support necessary for today’s fast-paced training environments.

The GranTrap™ granulated rubber bullet trap

The best design technology for bullet capture and containment, our GranTrap’s patented stair-step design uses GranTex™ granulate rubber material to stop incoming rounds. The bullet impacts the soft media and the trap captures it predominantly intact

Venetian blind bullet trap

Small range space? This trap is for you. Requiring only 30 inches of floor space, the Venetian blind is a series of angled baffles, where the trap directs incoming rounds into a deceleration chamber, dropping rounds into a collection tray after the energy is dissipated.

Rubber lamella (layer) trap

Perfect for crime labs, residential ranges and other low-volume applications, the rubber lamella trap features a patented design of multiple layers of rubber strips, suspended from a steel support frame that captures bullets intact.

The LE 5000 series steel escalator bullet trap

Using the Caswell steel bullet catcher as inspiration, the 5000 series rifle and handgun escalator bullet trap provide a low-cost and low-maintenance solution for ranges using fixed firing lines. The impact plates direct bullets into a swirl chamber at the top of the trap for final deceleration.

Data Sheets

LE5000 Escalator Steel Bullet Trap

InVeris Training Solutions’ steel bullet traps are our legacy...

Model LE5000 DCS Bullet Trap Dust Collection System

The LE5000 DCS Dust Collection system captures lead particulates...

Venetian Blind Bullet Trap

InVeris Training Solutions’ steel bullet traps are our legacy...

GranTrap™ Bullet Trap

InVeris Training Solutions, makers of FATS® and Caswell technologies...

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