DP65 Pursuit Moving Target System

The DP65 Pursuit Moving Target System is designed for both permanent and portable applications

The target carrier and drive components simply slide onto the track for easy set up and dismantle. This makes the system ideal for training situations when dedicated range space is not obtainable or at unsecured ranges.

For permanent range installations the track can be secured to a concrete pad, mounted to a ballistic wall, or suspended from the ceiling at the target line.

The hand-held range control unit operates on 120-volt AC power. It allows the operator to control target speed, direction, and start/stop functions. Target speed can be set from 0 to 100% and direction of travel can be changed at anytime, whether the target is in motion or stationary.

InVeris’ DP65 Pursuit System provides one target carrier and offers the option of adding a second carrier for tandem operation on a single drive unit.

The DP65 Dual Target Pursuit System provides two target carriers than run independently of each other, simultaneously. Each target assembly has its own drive unit that mounts easily to the end of the beam track

The DP65 Pursuit System can be integrated with other range equipment. When used with a RTS-360™ target retrieval system, control of the DP65 Pursuit is accomplished with the RangeMaster™ range controller.

Features of the DP65 Pursuit Target System include:

  • Variable target speed controller
  • Dynamic braking
  • 30’ i-beam track included – can be extended to 100’
  • Ground-mounted, wall-mounted or suspended from ceiling
  • 120-volt AC powered
  • Single or dual target systems available