Category: Commercial02.05.2023

How to Build a Military-Grade Indoor Shooting Range on a Commercial Budget

We are firm believers in getting things done right, the first time, every time. As the industry leader in providing live-fire and virtual firearms training solutions for both military and commercial customers, InVeris has a reputation for getting “ranges done right.” This holds true whether the client is military, law enforcement, a businessman looking to set up a profitable indoor commercial range, or a sportsman dreaming of building a private training facility.

Military-grade shooting ranges on a commercial budget

With normal maintenance, the military ranges we build consistently fulfill and exceed the 15-year lifespan required by our military clients — and we deliver the same durability and rugged reliability to the commercial shooting ranges we are entrusted to build for private individuals.

That’s because we apply the same level of attention to design, detail, and quality to all our shooting range builds, be they military, civilian, or law enforcement.

So how do we do it? A big part of the reason is that we’ve been designing and building gun range equipment (drawing from our Caswell and Meggitt heritage) for more than 95 years. We’ve been there, done that, and seen it all: what can be easily overlooked but shouldn’t, what to pay crucial attention to, and what should never ever be scrimped on.

Get started on your indoor range design

Now here’s the good news: we’ve created a comprehensive Indoor Range Design Guide, which we’re providing free of charge to help you get started on your own build or upgrade your current range.

The InVeris Indoor Range Design Guide covers the following:

  • Planning and Design Considerations for Indoor Firing Ranges (page 6)
  • Structural Considerations: Walls, Floors, Ceilings, Divisions (page 7)
  • Specific Range Types: Gallery Ranges and Tactical Ranges (page 10)
  • Range Equipment: Bullet Traps, Shooting Stalls, Target Systems, Communication Systems (page 11)
  • Laying Out the Range (page 15)
  • Configuration and Getting a Quote (page 16)

If you would like a free copy of the InVeris Indoor Range Design Guide or get expert advice on building a new shooting range or upgrading your current range, simply go to