Category: Law Enforcement04.11.2022

Provide Your Officers With Realistic Live Fire Training Wherever, Whenever

According to Brigadier General Charles Lombardo, deputy commanding general of the U.S. Combined Arms Center-Training, “efficiency starts with improving training management” — and we agree. Now that conflicts can happen at any moment and place, you need to arm military officers with training solutions that allow them to be nimbler and more flexible.

So aside from training officers using conventional methods and strategies, trainers must also be able to provide training to the point-of-need regardless of time and place.

Enable Realistic Live Fire Training Wherever, Whenever With Road Range™

InVeris’ Road Range™ is a self-contained mobile firearms training facility that integrates live fire and virtual simulation capabilities to provide a total weapons training solution in a transportable environment. The system is customizable for many applications, including a crime lab, simulation range and advanced training, and can be configured using multiple trailers.

Road Range™ is a three-lane shooting range built inside an over-the-road 53-ft. trailer that is USDOT certified for use on all unrestricted roads. The ballistically secure trailer range is equipped with systems and components and houses all the premium InVeris equipment and brands — including GranTrap™ bullet traps, XWT Target Retrieval System, RangeMaster™, and FATS® products.

Here is why the InVeris Road Range™ is the best mobile training solution for your troop.

  • A flexible alternative to a standard indoor range Road Range™ is “compact” yet spacious enough for training. You can customise its interior to allow many officers to train together or simultaneously. It enables arrangements such as 1) six shooting lanes that operate as one range or as two separate, three-position ranges and 2) three shooting lanes with units combined end-to-end.
  • Secure and environment friendly Road Range™ is well-equipped with reliable products, including a robust security system. The firing line is monitored by a photoelectric system for indiscriminate movement forward of the line. A violation will trigger an alarm to alert all range occupants of the intrusion and automatically edge the targets and halt further target movement.Road Range™ also uses a HEPA-filtered ventilation system that meets US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health(NIOSH) design standards and is fully climate controlled.
  • Cost-efficient Road Range™ also helps save on costs by removing the need for a permanent shooting range. It also eliminates property taxes associated with permanent installations.
  • More than a marksmanship range Road Range™ can also be optimized with the FATS® virtual training system to provide training for less lethal and nonlethal options, allowing your troops to experience realistic live fire training anytime, anywhere, and better prepare for high-end warfare.


Simulation and training technologies provide militaries with more opportunities to hone their skills and rehearse multiple times with minimal setup needed. InVeris’ Road Range™ Mobile Range allows you to maximize the benefits of these technologies by providing them in a mobile environment. With Road Range™, your troop can train at the point of need regardless of time and place.

You can learn more about Road Range™ by downloading this datasheet. Or feel free to reach out to us if you want to explore all our virtual and live fire training solutions for the military.