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Ballistic Protection Solutions for Ensuring Safe and Effective Training

Today’s environment calls for confident officers trained through both simulation and live fire so they can identify threats and act decisively in seconds. Yet increased training for officers has raised concerns about indoor range safety. Hence, range operators must make every effort to address safety concerns.

Considerations for Ensuring Safe and Effective Training

While the most obvious and extreme safety concerns on a range include death and serious bodily harm, fortunately, these occurrences are exceedingly rare. Other less serious, and far more common concerns affecting both shooters and range staff include the potential loss of hearing by the continued discharge of firearms, the hazard of ricochet fragments, and the potential damage caused by excessive exposure to lead contaminates.

To ensure a safe, noise absorbent, and environmentally sound indoor gun range, the following are the critical things to consider:

Ballistic Safety. All surfaces exposed to gunfire need to be assessed for ricochet potential. The most critical area of misdirected shots to compromise a shooter’s safety is typically the area between the firing line to twelve feet downrange.

Hearing/Sound Concerns. Most experienced officers understand the need for hearing protection while on the firing line. It is mandatory in most facilities and it is the range operator’s responsibility to ensure this policy is enforced.

Eye Protection. Since the typical range has become increasingly complex with more advanced target equipment, additional lighting, and other related safety equipment, the hazard of redirected particles and ricocheted bullet fragments has increased the risk of eye and facial injuries.

Lead Exposure. Lead can be a silent killer. It can build up in your body’s organs and bones and slowly cause permanent, irreversible damage to your body. Thus, extra care must be taken to protect people inside the range whenever lead dust is being created.

Ensure Safety Using Proven State-of-the-Art Equipment

Invest in the safety and effective training of your officers with InVeris’ proven state-of-the-art equipment. InVeris supplies everything your shooting range needs for safe live fire training.

  • GranTrap™ Granulated Rubber Bullet Trap. The best design technology for bullet trap capture and containment, GranTrap’s patented stair-step design uses GranTex™ granulated rubber material to stop incoming rounds. The bullet impacts the soft media, and the trap captures it predominantly intact.
  • Venetian Blind Bullet Trap. Perfect for small range spaces, requiring only 30 inches of floor space. The Venetian Blind is a series of angled baffles, where the trap directs incoming rounds into a deceleration chamber, dropping rounds into a collection tray after the energy is dissipated. Only rated for pistol rounds.
  • Rubber Lamella (Layer) Trap. Perfect for crime labs, residential ranges, and other low-volume applications, the rubber lamella trap features a patented design of multiple layers of rubber strips, suspended from a steel support frame that captures bullets intact.
  • LE5000 Escalator Steel Bullet trap with Bullet Trap Dust Collection System. The dust collection system captures lead particulates, fragments, and dust, reducing the potential exposure to officers and range personnel. The high-power exhaust system maintains negative pressure in the deceleration chamber and collection area.
  • Air-Space Ceiling Baffle System. This is comprised of mixed layered panels strategically engineered to contain misdirected rounds while decreasing sound levels. The air-space panels are suspended horizontally from the ceiling structure starting at the firing line and extending downrange to the desired distance.
  • Shooting Stalls. Shooting stalls separate and protect shooters that are firing from the same firing line. InVeris SafeZone™ shooting stalls are fully interchangeable shooting stalls that offer the customization to create clear stalls, solid stalls, or a mixture of both. Completely reconfigurable and backward compatible, the new shooting stalls can be set up in the same location as your existing stalls. They come in pistol or rifle rated versions.

The above products are InVeris’ proven live fire innovations that will ensure dynamic and safe training for your officers. To learn more about live range ballistic protection, contact our customer support team today!