fats® VR Virtual Reality Police Training System

Safely train and rehearse de-escalation or force scenarios in a virtual reality training environment.

InVeris Training Solutions’ fats® VR , is an advanced training solution that uses virtual reality (VR) for critical, real-world preparation for de-escalation of force situations.

fats® VR brings the power of virtual reality police training, scenario authoring and simulated weapons to a 3D environment.

Author your own scenarios

fats® VR allows instructors to create an essentially infinite number of scenarios, including domestic violence, active shooters, suicidal individuals, emotionally disturbed persons, and more.

Scalable and robust

fats® VR offers enhanced capabilities like dual-screen views and 3D After Action Review (AAR). Instructors can also make use of a wide array of data from suspect distances, head tracking, lethal weapon usage, and more.

Realistic training for real world training

In addition to providing lifelike training environments, fats® VR renders a virtual avatar for each trainee’s body so trainees can realistically interact with each other in multi-user experiences. SURVIVR® synchronizes the trainees’ virtual position to exactly match their real-world position.

Realistic scenario library, with branching outcomes

fats® VR offers highly realistic environments such as schools, jails, and busy roads, while also meeting a variety of training needs including verbal de-escalation, domestic violence, traffic stops, active shooter and more.

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fats® VR Virtual Reality System

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