Live Fire Training Solutions

InVeris live fire training equipment is backed by 90+ years of innovation and range building expertise. We are the brand of choice for the most demanding commercial, law enforcement, and military shooting ranges with over 15,500 facilities installed across the world.

Law Enforcement and Commercial Live Fire Systems

Real-world law enforcement requires rigorous live fire training to ensure that officers can succeed on the streets, while maintaining their own safety. Officers today cannot simply rely on fixed firing lines and paper targets to deal with active shooter threats, ambush-style attacks and lone-wolf terrorists.

Why choose InVeris shooting range equipment?

InVeris continues Caswell and Meggitt’s proven track record as the industry leader in shooting range innovation, design, installation, and equipment for over 90 years.

Our gun range design professionals will help your range meet all standards and best practices for bullet containment, target carrier, sound, lead abatement, and environmental considerations.

Military Live Fire Solutions

InVeris advances Caswell and Meggitt’s heritage to continue the next generation of military live fire training. From advanced infantry and armored targets to range design and safe bullet traps, we offer live fire solutions appropriate to your organization.

Why choose InVeris for military live fire training?

Trust your military live fire ranges to one company with an impeccable pedigree and proven track record so you can focus on other priorities.

Our all-encompassing turnkey range solutions provide one-stop accountability. We have more than 75,000 infantry target systems successfully fielded on 122 military bases around the world.

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