Qualification Infantry Targets

Reliable, Flexible & Rugged. InVeris has fielded more than 80,000 infantry target systems on 122 military bases around the world
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<h2-purple>Dynamic and static<h2-purple> infantry targets supporting qualifications and collective training

Multi-Function (MF-SIT) and Stationary Infantry Targets (SIT)

Both target systems are operated through radio frequency, hardwire or ethernet controls, which allows greater flexibility in range design and usage.

The Multi-Function Stationary Infantry Target (MF-SIT)

The MF-SIT exposes and conceals a Figure 11, 12, US Army standard E, F or 3-D target with the unique ability to expose from multiple angles with a friend or foe target.

Moving Infantry Targets (MIT)

The MIT is a cable-driven rail system that travels between attack and retreat positions performing all the standard target commands, such as expose, conceal, hit fall, hit hold, hit bob and selectable number of hits to kill.

AA2 Single Turning Target

Improves live-fire training through unpredictable, fast-action target presentation to the shooter

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QuikTurn™ 360 Turning Target System
Stationary Infantry Target (SIT)
Moving Infantry Target (MIT)
Multi-Function Stationary Infantry Target System (MF-SIT)

Military Live-Fire Training


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