Military Location of Miss & Hit (LOMAH)

Add precise shot scoring to your training: Measure the trajectory and impact of every shot


Provides immediate feedback of the shot location for improved training and throughout

Tracking the bullet’s location

Registers the passing of the bullet, computing the bullet’s location (X, Y coordinate) and presents a graphical image of shot location on the target, appearing on the shooter’s Firing Point Computer (FPC)

Results for Improved Marksmanship

The bullet’s measured location provides the shooter the information needed to display shot grouping more accurately and zeroing of weapons more effectively using a wide variety of ammunition, from .22 to .50 caliber.

Easy to Integrate & Install

LOMAH is available as a retrofit capable kit or fully integrated into the InVeris target lifter product line.

Data Sheets

Location Of Miss And Hit (LOMAH)

InVeris Training Solutions’ Infantry Location of Miss and Hit (LOMAH)...

Armor Location Of Miss And Hit (LOMAH)

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