Law Enforcement

Enhancing Law Enforcement Training with InVeris Solutions

In the dynamic landscape of law enforcement, where threats evolve rapidly, ensuring officers are equipped with top-tier training is paramount. At InVeris Training Solutions, we recognize this imperative and offer comprehensive solutions designed to prepare officers for the challenges they may face while prioritizing their safety.

Gone are the days when fixed firing lines and static paper targets were sufficient for law enforcement training. Today’s officers require realistic scenarios to effectively navigate situations such as active shooters, ambush-style attacks, and lone-wolf terrorism. InVeris Training Solutions stands at the forefront of innovation, providing simulation training systems and live-fire shooting range solutions tailored to meet these contemporary challenges.

With over 40 years of experience, our Firearms Training Systems (FATS®) remain unrivaled in providing marksmanship, judgmental, and use-of-force training worldwide. Our simulation training systems cover a spectrum of scenarios, including marksmanship, escalation of force, low light/no light situations, and proper interaction and verbal commands. The incorporation of our patented BlueFire® wireless weapon simulators ensures an unparalleled level of realism, enhancing the effectiveness of training exercises.

InVeris Training Solutions has deployed over 5,100 simulation training systems and 40,000 laser-based tactical firearm simulators across more than 130 countries. Our commitment to providing cutting-edge training solutions knows no borders, as we continue to support law enforcement agencies worldwide in their quest for excellence.

Drawing from over 90 years of Caswell International heritage, our expertise in live-fire training and commercial shooting ranges is unmatched. Whether establishing a new firearms training center or upgrading existing facilities, our team excels in range design, development, installation, and ongoing support. We understand the complexities involved in shooting range development and provide comprehensive guidance throughout the process, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and addressing environmental concerns.

InVeris Training Solutions offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor shooting range equipment, including target carriers, bullet traps, shooting stalls, ventilation systems, and more. With over 13,000 ranges equipped domestically and internationally, we are the preferred choice for law enforcement agencies seeking top-notch solutions for their training needs.

InVeris Training Solutions remains committed to empowering law enforcement officers with the training they need to effectively navigate the challenges of their profession. Our comprehensive training solutions, coupled with our dedication to innovation and excellence, ensure that officers are prepared to protect and serve their communities with the highest level of proficiency and safety.