VP, Business Development

Darren Shavers

Darren Shavers, the Vice President of Business Development at InVeris Training Solutions™. With an MBA and two degrees in Human Resource Management from Troy University, Darren brings extensive knowledge and expertise to his role.

Darren joined the company in 2011 as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the U.S. Army Engagement Skills Trainer (EST) program. Thanks to his impressive leadership skills and ability to increase revenue by improving the conversion rate of opportunities, he quickly rose through the ranks. He was promoted to Director of SME Group and then Director of Business Development.

Before joining InVeris Training Solutions™, Darren served in the U.S. Army for 25 years as an Infantryman. During his service, he directed basic and advanced Rifle Marksmanship training courses and was an Army-wide Subject Matter Expert (SME) on the Engagement Skills Trainer (EST 2000) simulator. He has also researched training programs for improvement opportunities and authored and implemented policies and procedures to enhance training effectiveness.

As the Vice President of Business Development at InVeris Training Solutions™, Darren is responsible for Military Sales and Business Development, Strategy for Programs of Record, and Sales Engineers. He is an Instructor Certified Small Arms Master Gunner and holds certifications in Acquisition 101 and 102. With his impressive background and proven track record, Darren is a valuable asset to the team at InVeris Training Solutions™.