fats® AR Mission Training for Law Enforcement and Military

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Developed for today’s highly mobile military, security and law enforcement entities, InVeris Training Solutions’ fats® AR enables operators and trainees to see, rehearse and collectively experience future missions at the objective location or virtually with a new level of realism and performance assessment to aid in perfecting critical engagement techniques.

fats® AR is highly scalable and portable making it ideal for training as well as mission rehearsals in various locations to address short windows of opportunity.

Multi-Angle Viewing Option

Choose your angle for training review.

Comprehensive Replay Options

  • Eye Tracking
  • View Cones
  • Muzzle Beam
  • Bullet Path
  • Hits

Customize training for your needs

fats® AR allows up to four participants to train with simulated weapons and tactical gear that possess a high degree of physical fidelity in form, fit and function—which reinforces muscle memory for live field action.

Immersive realism for unparalleled training

fats® AR is the only untethered AR training solution on the market—and it includes real-time location, movement, orientation and bio-signal sensing in a shoot house environment.

fats® AR blends real physical environments, obstacles and live team members with Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) virtual characters, avatars, and assets for an unparalleled training experience.

Critical, use-of-force training anywhere in the world

With fats® AR’s environment scanning and replication technology, training sessions can now be held in almost any indoor location, anywhere in the world. This enables instructors and trainees to be geographically separated in remote locations yet interact as if they were together for coordinated actions.

Review data in real-time

fats® AR delivers training performance data immediately—allowing trainers and trainees to see the after-action review (AAR) in real-time.

fats® AR’s unmatched AAR provides instructors and trainees the ability to see progressive improvement for individuals and teams while conducting urban operations training.

Data Sheets

fats® AR Augmented Reality System

Developed for today’s highly mobile military, security and law...

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