SVR 3.0 Training System (Military)

SVR 3.0 offers the most realistic military training environments and scenarios.


InVeris Training Solutions’ SVR 3.0, is an advanced training solution that uses virtual reality (VR) for critical, real-world preparation for de-escalation of force situations.

It provides the military cutting edge VR technology to maximize readiness and correctly educate trainees for future field experiences.

Customizable environments include:

  • Military entry gates
  • Schools
  • A variety of street options for urban, rural, and highway settings
  • Inside and outside of houses
  • Jail and prison blocks

Realistic training for real world training

In addition to providing lifelike training environments, SVR renders a virtual avatar for each trainee’s body so trainees can realistically interact with each other in multi-user experiences. SVR synchronizes the trainees’ virtual position to exactly match their real-world position.

Limitless and Customizable Scenarios

SVR features its proprietary Customizable Scenario Platform, which allows instructors to create an essentially infinite number of scenarios. SVR includes an expansive and ever-growing library of assets, including environments, props, and characters, that makes the training possibilities endless.

Scalable and robust

SVR offers enhanced capabilities like physics-based animations and 3D After Action Review (AAR) with a variety of training metrics. SVR’s intelligent room calibration also adjusts virtual environments to fit the size of the physical space.

Supports up to 3 simultaneous users without VR backpacks

SVR’s wireless VR headsets are more robust, easier to troubleshoot, and have batteries lasting 3x longer than VR backpacks.

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SVR 3.0 Training System

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