fats® Training Accessories

Additional equipment can improve trainee judgment and marksmanship

InVeris Training Solutions provides easy to use, realistic virtual training on marksmanship and judgmental scenarios for improved reaction time, muscle memory and the simultaneous use of a weapon and other accessories.

Chemical Spray: Precision use of an alternative force

InVeris’ BlueFire® chemical spray looks, feels and functions like live spray with the added value that you can trace the results

Flashlight: Simulate night and low-light level training situations

Train in “night scenarios” without re-filming so that officers can learn how to manage a firearm and flashlight

Hostile Fire Simulator (HFS): A simulated “trial by fire”

HFS makes judgmental, use of force, and firearms training as realistic as possible. To stress cover and concealment, this optional simulator discharges projectiles at trainees, increasing their stress level. Features full motion, 180 degree elevation control that offers wide coverage for maximum freedom of movement.

Taser® X26: Providing needed practice with a critical alternative

InVeris’ BlueFire® Taser® X26P provides accurate displays of impact locations on the training screen while allowing full functionality of the laser designators. Built-in sensors determine actual Taser® X26P canting and trigger squeeze

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InVeris Training Solutions provides easy to use, realistic virtual...

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