Motion Integrated Training System (MITS)

Crew simulators: Configured for naval, convoy and gunnery training


InVeris offers a line of Motion Integrated Training Systems (MITS) that provide enhanced readiness for trainees in a variety of situations, utilizing a myriad of systems to fit the needs of tomorrow’s military.

MITS combines a FATS virtual system and a Motion Platform Module for increased realism.

Vehicle Configurations: Waterborne and Land-Based

Various simulator capabilities including boats and vehicles, with corresponding crew training and matching real-world motion

Choices & Selections for a Custom Experience

We offer a wide range of training engagements via our libraries of computer-generated 3D terrains, models and scenarios

Simulated weapons: The advantage of true-to-life function

InVeris’ MITS pairs with any model of our BlueFire weapon simulators and custom fit weapon types are always available

MITS Solutions Packages

Options range from small single-platform configurations to multi-platform that are synchronized and offer command, control and communications functions for leadership training

Immersion in action: train like you fight

Coupled with vehicle or vessel motion, a wide panoramic display system and scenario sounds immerse trainees in a threatening environment.

Data Sheets

Motion Integrated Training System (MITS)

InVeris offers a line of Motion Integrated Training Systems (MITS)...

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