fats® 180LE Law Enforcement Virtual Training System

A 3-screen, 180° field of view for superior marksmanship and judgmental training

High definition projection
Surround sound

InVeris’ fats® 180MIL provides a 180° immersive training environment with high-definition and 5.1 surround sound. The 180° high definition projection and 5.1 surround sound increases the realism of training, heightening awareness and proper use of force responses. The FATS 180LE supports up to 20 simulated weapons, including FATS weapons and ammunition types. It also supports both 3D Marksmanship and Judgmental training.

3D Marksmanship with qualification courses and skill builders

Offers vivid engagement with close and distance targets, and built in video authoring for courses of fire.

Realistic de-escalation of force scenarios

Judgmental mode heightens situation awareness and training with three fully reconfigurable screens to immerse users in the situation

Customized systems to meet your training requirements

Hit detection system, 5.1 realistic surround sound, transportable racks and up to 20 weapons supported are all standard features of the fats® 180LE

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fats® 180LE Virtual Training System

The 180° high definition projection and 5.1 surround sound increases...

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