FATS® 100C Marksmanship Training Systems

Speeds Certification with State-Specific Law Enforcement Courseware


The FATS 100C Marksmanship (100C) is an easy to transport, set up, and use virtual, projection-based weapons-handling range system that completely supports practice for required qualifications.

The FATS 100C Marksmanship training system creates the best and most convenient environment available for law enforcement to perfect state-required weapons-handling skills without compromising weapons fidelity or ballistic accuracy.

Basic and advanced courseware

Drills and skill emphasis for both pistols and rifles with ability to “shoot and move” (forward moving eye point)

Superior Range Environment

Ballistically-accurate library, high-definition graphics, and robust set of 3D targets

Advanced Coaching / Feedback

Grip, sight alignment and picture, trigger control, and recoil management; Links to corrective video clips

Flexible Configurations

Supports up to 5 lanes and 6 BlueFire® weapon simulators at same time

Superior Fidelity with BlueFire® Simulated-Weapons

Replicate live weapon form, fit and function; Provide accurate, real-time training diagnostics wirelessly

Train Anywhere

Packs into hard-side case about the size of a range bag for easy transport, set-up, and use

Data Sheets

FATS 100C Marksmanship Virtual Training System

Speeds Certification with State-Specific Law Enforcement Courseware...

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