Military Live-Fire Training

From the desert to the mountains to urban shoot houses, one company has provided realistic, live-fire training for nearly a century

Military Live-Fire Training


Live-Fire Training


Rugged & Reliable

InVeris targets are built to withstand the harshest range conditions and extreme weather environments

Advanced Systems

A full spectrum of targets help trainees respond to realistic threats with calmness and precision

Total Command

Maintain a high level of situational awareness and safety with complete support for both manual and automatic control of the firing range

Military Live-Fire Training

Product Sets

Your targets work! They are rugged and can take the elements of nature and punishment of deploying with Soldiers. We build ranges and move where the next training range is. All ranges are unique, and we train in all weather. Your lifters work in harsh terrain and can take what mother nature dishes out.

James K. Sweatman
RTLP/ITAMOfficer, Regional Training Support Division South 7th Army Training Command

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