September 12, 2022

InVeris Training Solutions Enhances the Next Generation of Law Enforcement and Military Virtual Reality Judgment and De-Escalation Training 

Incorporates Haptic Sensory Vest for superior immersive experiences and Biometric Stress Monitoring

Suwanee, GA., August 23, 2022 — InVeris Training Solutions, Inc., a Pine Island Capital Partners company, today announced the release of SVR 3.3, a virtual reality (VR)-based training system, which further enhances trainees’ performance / judgment skills with deep experiences using haptic feedback to further simulate physical interactions via vibrations. Now, trainees can literally feel impacts from the virtual training environment, from unarmed attacks to shots fired. This dramatically improves the immersion of SVR’s training experience, keeping trainees alert and situationally aware the entire time.

Additionally, SVR 3.3 provides instructors with biometric insight into a trainee’s stress levels during these engagements which can be used to further understand trainees’ mental and emotional abilities to cope and interact during various real-world events. Thus, SVR 3.3 not only helps law enforcement and military police to learn from experience in how to handle certain interactions, it can be used to understand how a trainee will engage in similar circumstances. 

While several SVR 3.3 3D assets and features are oriented to US military customers, SVR 3.3 also added customizable bystander, crowd control, and suspect behavior options, as well as more dynamic suicidal scenarios. SVR 3.3 also continues to build upon its ease of set-up and use with the inclusion of a tutorial menu with short how-to videos.

With SVR 3.3, InVeris continues to raise the bar with a new generation of immersive, 3D, scenario-based solutions that enable instructors to spontaneously escalate or de-escalate engagements in response to a trainee’s verbal statements and actions which ensures trainees have memorable experiences to draw upon in everyday occurrences. The objective for these solutions is simple but critical to all concerned:  good training saves lives.

“Today, it’s imperative that our law enforcement officers have all the tools, including de-escalation and judgment training, to make the correct split-second decisions,” said Curry Newton, Inveris Training Solutions Director of Law Enforcement and Military Virtual Systems Sales. “InVeris is honored to have earned the trust of more than 5,000 communities and nations over the years to provide their first responders with projection, VR and Augmented Reality-based readiness training solutions that make a difference. When governments invest in their first responders’ training, it benefits the entire community.”  

SVR 3.3, the SVR Haptics Vest and Biometric Sensor are available today.  The SVR Haptics vest and heart rate biometric sensor are offered as optional accessories. Contact an Inveris Training Solutions sales representative for additional details or a demonstration.

About InVeris

InVeris Training Solutions provides cutting-edge training solutions for militaries, law enforcement agencies and commercial range owners around the world. With its legacy companies, FATS® and Caswell, InVeris Training Solutions has fielded over 15,500 live fire ranges and 7,500 virtual systems globally during its 95-year history. The company is headquartered in Suwanee, Georgia and partners with clients in the U.S. and around the world from facilities on five continents.

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